The second openSUSE.Asia Summit is arriving!!!

20. Aug 2015 | Manu Gupta | No License

We are happy to announce the second openSUSE.Asia Summit following a glorious successful first edition. The conference will take place in Taiwan at National Taipei University of Education, Taiwan on December 5th and 6th, 2015.

The summit is a great way for both openSUSE contributors, and, users to meet each other and have fun. The openSUSE community will get together, share their experiences, and, learn free and open source technologies. geeko_tail The goals of the Summit are

  1. To promote openSUSE, its tools, and, other free open source software in Asia.
  2. To introduce people to the openSUSE Project, through a series of talks, discussions and workshops.
  3. To show prospective contributors, different various ways of contributing to the openSUSE Project and provide a platform for them to engage with contributors and find different avenues in the project that match their interests.

Normally, the openSUSE contributors and users communicated with each other online, thus it is a great opportunity to meet and talk face to face.  In addition, we have chance to learn free and open technologies, to share experiences with each other, and most of all, have fun at the Summit, and, in Taipei city.

Stay tuned!!!!

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