openSUSE Asia Summit 2015 Call for Sponsorship

28. Aug 2015 | Manu Gupta | No License

The openSUSE.Asia Committee seeks sponsors for the second edition of openSUSE.Asia Summit that will take place in Taipei city, Taiwan from 5th and 6th of December 2015. We expect about 200 attendees ranging from developers, regular users and power users to attend the summit. The sponsorship amount will cover travel costs for speakers and some attendees, as well as the cost of facilities.

The summit aims to provide a free platform for users, contributors and developers from both inside and outside of the openSUSE community fostering ties the open source enthusiasts across communities. Attendees take this opportunity to learn about different modern technologies and share their experiences.

By sponsoring, individuals, businesses, and organizations can show their appreciation the efforts of the openSUSE community and summit volunteers. The sponsorship, is also a great way to

  • Promote your products in the community.

  • Talk about the product in the business track. It will be a great opportunity for the sponsor to describe their products to FOSS, and the openSUSE community. Businesses can talk about their solutions, and on other topics such as training, exchange of technology and other topics in line with the guiding principles of the summit and openSUSE Project.

  • Sponsors will be promoted through the following venues

    • Promotion through the openSUSE.Asia Summit website.

    • Promotion through printed materials advertising the event.

    • Inclusion of sponsor material in the summit welcome package.

    • Sponsor promotional advertising visible throughout the event location.

    • Visibility at other community events that are used to promote openSUSE.Asia summit.

  •  Sponsors can also request a booth to highlight their products and businesses.

For more details on sponsorship, contact Joey Lee ( and Max Lin ( no later than 19th of October, 2015.

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