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openSUSE releases Leap Milestone 2

September 4th, 2015 by

Leap1The second milestone for openSUSE’s newest distribution Leap was released today and it’s filled with packages that will interest open-source users everywhere and Linux professionals looking for a long-term, stable Linux system.

“Milestone 2 is realistic to use for non-critical production servers,” said members of the openSUSE release team.

Doing so, as well has having developers, system administrators and users use Milestone 2 will offer a chance to find missing packages and determine where the gaps are in the milestone.

Milestone 2 replaced the complete base system and replaced the full YaST stack.

New versions in the milestone release include Firefox 40, ThunderBird 38.2, digiKam photo management program 4.11 and the YaST stack of SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 Service Pack 1.

The latest stable Linux Kernel 4.1.6 is in Milestone 2 and git is updated to version 2.5.0. The kernel-firmware update is 20150715. Apache updates to 2.4.16 and btrfs to 4.1.2.

KDE Plasma has update 15.04.3, which include Long Term Support versions of Plasma Workspaces 4.11.21. GNOME 3.16 has a refresh and Libreoffice 4.3 based on SLE 12 is pending an upgrade to Libreoffice 5. Most versions in Milestone 2 are expected to be the versions in Leap 42.1 when it’s released Nov. 4 at at SUSECon in Amsterdam, which will no doubt be celebrated with openSUSE Beer during the release party.

Open source enthusiast can expect a toolchain refresh with GNU Compiler Collection 4.8.5 (GCC 5 is optional) and a collection of binary tools from binutils 2.25 and debugger GDB 7.9.1. Makers can build and test software packages with the CMake 3.3.1, which is included in the latest milestone.

Enterprise class database PostgreSQL 9.3.8 and database management system MariaDB 10.0.20 are both in the milestone. Samba 4.1.12 and LVM2 1.02.97 round off the highlighted packages for Milestone 2.

Aligned with SLE 12 SP 1, Leap  version 42.1 will provide the best of both worlds in terms of enterprise packages and stability topped with community innovations from openSUSE’s tested and integrated development architecture.

Leap shares source code from SP1  and a common core SLE. Future minor releases of Leap will align with future SUSE service packs while future major versions of Leap will align with future major versions of SLE.

There are currently more than 6900 packages in Milestone 2 with 600 pending updates.

Developers wanting to include their packages in Leap should ensure their Factory packages are releasable by Sept. 20.

Oct. 1 is the cut off date for allowing packages to change because of licenses and legal reviews.

The RC1 release will be Oct. 15 and the Goldmaster is scheduled for Oct. 30, so translations, release notes and localization of the release should be completed by Oct. 30.

Journalists should contact ddemaio@suse.com to test the Goldmaster prior to the release.

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25 Responses to “openSUSE releases Leap Milestone 2”

  1. ludolph314

    Still not possible to test this release in virtualbox!!??

  2. Kurush

    Are guys plan to release the final version with GCC 4.8??

  3. Great!!

    Spreading the word dor spanish speakers:

    And sharing in the spanish official forum:

    Happy hacking!!

  4. Jamtech

    No GCC 5.0 but WHY??? This alone will be enough reason (for me) to shift to another Linux Flavor :( feeling sad. Bye Bye.

    • Richard Brown

      Jamtech, what benefits do you seek from GCC 5.0? Compiling the whole distribution (especially the whole portions from SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 SP1 sources) is a lot of work, and I don’t see the benefit

      If you want an openSUSE compiled with GCC 5.0, you can use Tumbleweed today

      If you want openSUSE Leap to have the GCC 5.0 compiler as an option, it’s there. GCC5 is in Leap 42.1, we’re just not compiling the whole distribution with it.

      • Jamtech

        Richard, GCC 5 offers better optimisation and support for new arch like skylake and since I am planning to buy skylake based system, so GCC 4.8 I guess is not an option. Also flto is supposed to be improved in GCC 5. There are lot of other features which should help use system resources better.

        Also, I do use tumbleweed on one system, but I am not sure I can rely on it for production system.

        I do understand your point but that effort would have been one time and benefits for years to come (probably 2 years).

        One more thing (apart from GCC), versioning is very confusing and dependencies usually installs more software than needed. (for eg I use XFCE and which ever version I installed it always defaulted to installing games which I had to always lock – I consider it a Bug)

        Switching is very tough decision, I really love Opensuse. I will continue to use Tumbleweed for as long as possible so that I can see the progress being made by the wonderful team/community of opensuse And Thank you all.

  5. J.O.

    Hello, I was wondering if there will be a live “Rescue CD” for Leap when it comes out in november or so (like there is one now for 13.1). It is nice to have a graphical system to troubleshoot an installed one.
    I dont know how many other people use it beside me and I am writing this post because I have read this: https://www.reddit.com/r/openSUSE/comments/3d711c/will_leap_42_support_32bit_machines_given_that/ct4aqq3
    and I see there is a “… disproportionate lack of benefit” in creating live media. I agree, wasting resources is not the way to go, but while I can live without gnome-live kde-live, etc., a rescue-live would still be really appreciated (at least by me for sure :). Considering Leap is LTS there should not be a need for frequent releases of such a live rescue-cd.

  6. What I would like to see is a kind of CentOS type release for OpenSUSE. So, is Leap that option?
    I have to deal with git+redmine server, ci server, wildfly/glassfish server, postgresql server. Is it possible to provide some kind of Jeos for us? Like this one https://goo.gl/CeuSLR; so we can start work with it.


  7. Henne

    Could you guys please tell me what version of libreoffice and gnome – Leap would have at the final version. thx

  8. Eddy

    Will the final version also have a 32-bit ISO?
    For my old hw.

  9. saulo

    “Milestone 2 replaced the complete base system and replaced the full YaST stack.”

    What it means? Is YAST out of Leap?

  10. pressanykey

    No happiness. Unable to login after a successful install with either a user or root password. End result, useless attempt. Especially without a root password, can’t do much fixing or even add a user account.

    No love for:

    “Milestone 2 is realistic to use for non-critical production servers,” said members of the openSUSE release team. Really?

  11. pressanykey

    Never mind.. I was able to get into runlevel 1 and reset root’s password, etc. After rebooting and logging into my account, I couldn’t get wireless going.. Infinite loop asking to install iw (even though I had inserted the install DvD)

    Sorry, no luck here.

    • dedanna109

      Went off fine without a hitch for me on a Lenovo Z70-80 laptop. :D
      I do not want for packages, I want for nothing.
      Hardware detection was superb with the 4.6.1 kernel, I have no complaints. A heckuva lot better than Mageia atm.

      • pressanykey

        Ok. I won’t do anything out of the ordinary when I install it again (like try to install multiple desktops, mount existing file systems, etc.) I’ll also pick up the latest milestone. Because, well, I really would like openSUSE installed. Something went south during the installation because my user account was completely missing from /etc/passwd after I booted the first time.

  12. Tomas

    “KDE Plasma has update 15.04.3, which include Long Term Support versions of Plasma Workspaces 4.11.21.”

    What does that mean? There is no such version of KDE Plasma. Will Leap have KDE Plasma 5.4 or what? 15.04 looks like a version of KDE Applications (quite an old one, 15.08 is already out for quite some time). Please clarify this.

  13. Bill Glessner

    Leap 42.1 Milestone 2, attempting to install gcc-5. gcc5 selection in YaST software manager returns: gcc5-5.2.1+r226025-2.1x86_64 requires libgcc_s1 >= 5.2.1+r226025-2.1, but this requirement cannot be provided. So gcc5 is not usable in Leap 42.1 Milestone 2?

  14. Mohammadali

    Hi. Im wondering because of Optimus nvidia hardware. Please make good way to install drivers same linux mint.
    Last opensuse was awful for me it was even can’t scan my drive’s correctly.

  15. Hans Kottmann

    I have installed this milestone on a laptop for testing. The problem I have here and I also had with the previous milestone is that the X-server is not starting correctly, I see after startup just a black screen. After killing X by pressing CTRL + ALT + twice Backspace X is starting again and now it shows the login screen.

  16. Ivan

    Systemd opensuse ?

    • Chika

      Has been there since 12.1, worse luck. If you mean that it’s missing in Leap, I’ll be very happy but I doubt that’s going to happen. systemd is, in my opinion, the single worst thing to happen to Linux in general and openSUSE in particular.

  17. Harald Koenig

    42.1-Current still ships TeXLive 2013 which is a bit out of date.
    OBS right now only has TL 2014 for 13.2 and Tubmbleweed.
    *please* ship TL 2015 with Leap!!

    Thanks, Harald

  18. Arturo Fatturi

    Great Job.
    But I have a simple question: people who have 13.1 or 13.2 installed will have or must have to upgrade to Leap? I cannot see any information about this. People come to a download and find tumbleweed or Leap, but Leap is on Milestone 2, not to critical mission, so they can go to 13.1 or 13.2.


  19. Mike

    Hi, I’ve been testing 42.1 ms2 in VBox, however can’t find any repo with Updates for it. Is there any repo providing updates for 42.1 now? Thanks