GNOME 3.18 enters staging, Leap’s Beta scheduled for next week

19. Sep 2015 | Douglas DeMaio | No License

TumbleweedTumbleweed had no snapshots this week but that doesn’t mean improvements are not taking place.

Dominique Leuenberger announced in the Tumbleweed weekly review on the openSUSE Factory mailing list that “even without having produced snapshots this week, there is progress and you can expect a bunch of changes coming your way in the next few days. Fingers crossed.”

Mesa 11 is in a staging phase that is inching toward being release. LLVM 3.7 should be in the next snapshot if everything goes according to plan, which could provide a release sometime today.

Systemd 224 is getting closer to being released it was debugged in one of the staging phases, but there are still some KDE and GNOME issues that need to be resolved.

LibQt 5.5 got a step closer to being released but there are still some YaST modules missing before it reaches an acceptable level to be released in Tumbleweed.

KDE Application 15.08.0 will likely come out next week.

GNOME 3.18 looks like it is aligning well with the GNOME roadmap as the RC2 has been submitted to openSUSE Factory staging, which is the code-base development platform and process for developing both Tumbleweed and Leap.


Leap is scheduled to have its freeze tomorrow and the Beta is scheduled for release on Sept. 24. New branding in Grub and Plymouth were submitted to Leap 42.1 last week and people can view it test on tests of Leap in openQA.

Stephan ‘Coolo’ Kulow said Leap Milestone 2 had very few bugs reported and encouraged people interested in using Leap to test it and report bugs, which helps developers working on the project improve the system before the next scheduled releases.


Geekos are Global. There are many events on the horizon for openSUSE. Today we are at Kieler Open Source und Linux Tage.

Next week, a group of openSUSE members will meet up to watch Bad Voltage Live in Fulda, Germany, and in two weeks, openSUSE will be in the land of Guinness beer in Dublin, Ireland, for LinuxCon Europe.

In November, openSUSE will kick off the month with the release of Leap 42.1 at SUSECon in Amsterdam and later that month we will have a community booth in the U.S. at Free/Libre and Open Source Software Expo and Technology Conference. There is a rumor that Leap T-shirts will be available at these events.

In December, openSUSE will be in Taiwan for the openSUSE.Asia Summit. There is still time to submit a proposal for the summit in Asia, but there isn’t much time left, so submit a talk today.

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