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Next Tumbleweed Snapshot to have systemd 224

October 1st, 2015 by

TumbleweedA large amount of new packages were released in the 20150924 snapshot, which included the highly anticipated update to Mesa 11.

KDE Frameworks 5.14 release in the TW snapshot added needed functionality with 60 addon libraries to Qt. Breeze updated to 5.4.1, which provides some fixes for complications with GCC 5. Digikam updated from 4.11 to 4.13 to provide fixes for several KDE bugs.

In this last snapshot, HarfBuzz reached its first major version with 1.0.3. According to freedesktop.org, HarfBuzz, an OpenType text shaping engine, was used in the latest versions of Firefox, GNOME, ChromeOS, Chrome, LibreOffice, XeTeX, Android, and KDE, among others.

Other package updates in the 20150924 snapshot can found on the openSUSE Factory mailing list.

Tumbleweed had very few snapshots the past couple weeks, which was due to resources devoted to building the release of the Leap 42.1 Beta as well as some complications to build infrastructure, but new snapshots are forthcoming.

Tumbleweed users can expect LibQ 5.5 and systemd 224 in the next snapshot. Linux kernel 4.2 was checked in and might be in the next TW snapshot. GNOME 3.18 has yet to be released due to a test failure in openQA, but it should become available in one of the upcoming TW snapshots.

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5 Responses to “Next Tumbleweed Snapshot to have systemd 224”

  1. Jay

    When is there going to the “highly anticipated” KDE Apps 15.08 (or better 15.08.1, since this was released subsequently 15 Days ago…) Update in Tumbleweed?? It was announced to be in “one of the next snapshots 10 Days ago … so when will it be??


    • I look forward to that one, too ;-)

      Though I’m already quite happy with the latest Plasma…

    • René

      +1 for KDE Applications 15.08.1
      I already checked it about a week ago from factory and there is a really big bunch of changes probably everyone will be affected by somehow: https://www.kde.org/announcements/fulllog_applications-15.08.1.php
      Currently I have a crashing Plasma after logon due to some problem with the system tray, maybe related.
      I’m also looking forward for KDEPIM 5.0.0 to appear in Tumbleweed. Already checked from factory and found it to be a very stable port to Frameworks 5.

  2. Simon

    20150924 snapshot has annoying bugs. Frequently, simple copy paste on browser results in plasma 5 becoming unresponsive for about 10-20 seconds.

  3. René

    BTW: What about the Krusader port to Frameworks 5 by wolfi123? Krusader5 felt very stable in factory during testing from wolfi123, but missed the final customization, menu entries, shortcuts etc. Really worth to get into a stable repository. Krusader is released once a few years, it has to be rather declared stable by QA and users based on a GIT revision :-)