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Rolling Awesome of the Day

October 28th, 2015 by

tumbleweedIf you’re a Tumbleweed and KDE aficionado, this is a good day. You’ll see some major updates:

  • Plasma 5.4.2
  • Frameworks 5.15
  • Applications 15.08.2
  • Qt 5.5.1

Now, yes, that’s all minor versions but stability is a big deal!

Qt 5.5.0 brought some problems for Intel users and this new version, combined with the improvements in the updates from the KDE community, brings a much nicer and more reliable experience to users.

Some more detail about the fixes:

  • updated keyboard configuration, new and updated icons, Bluetooth updates and window management fixes in Plasma 5.4.2 (details)
  • A more reliable KWallet, more stable and faster Baloo search, and many other stability fixes in Frameworks 5.15 (details)
  • Updates to Ark (drag and drop should work reliably now), Kdenlive (many stability fixes), KDEPIM (fix scrolling issues, memory leaks and some crashes) and many more in KDE Applications 15.08.2 (details)
  • Almost 1000 fixes and improvements in Qt 5.5.1 (details)


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7 Responses to “Rolling Awesome of the Day”

  1. gumb

    Hasn’t this specific title bar button arrangement shown to have a proven link with psychopaths? :p

  2. Mikael

    Will the K icon in the bottom-left corner be replaced by the openSUSE lizard? I surely hope so! :)

  3. hi

    hi ,
    could you please tell us about the games you recommend?

  4. Hay!! Jos is in the house!! ;)

    Yep! I’m a Tumbleweed and KDE “aficionado”

    ‘ve phun!

  5. WiFi is a major problem with all Linux distros and still is not mentioned
    and needs to be addressed.
    I got Suse 12.3 to work for a short time then out of nowhere it quit and never again even after reinstall would USB WiFi be recognized. This issue still needs to be ratified in Tumbleweed. I have bought four different Linux recommended USB adapters and still no WiFi.