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Mesa updates in Tumbleweed, OpenSSL security issue fixed

December 17th, 2015 by

Tumbleweed-black-greenTumbleweed had two snapshot this week and Mesa updated two new minor versions since Saturday’s 20151209 snapshot.

The biggest package update for the week was to autofs in the 20151214 snapshot. Autofs, which is a program for automatically mounting directories, had several fixes and upstream patches.

Libraries for the Qt Cryptographic Architecture, libqca2, updated from version 2.0.3 to 2.1.1. There were several Perl updates, and Python-Cryptography updated to 1.1 and fixed an OpenSSL security issue reported by Emilia Käsper from the Google Security Team.

Other packages updated in the Tumbleweed snapshots were Mozilla Thunderbird updated to 38.4, Gimp updated to version 2.8.16 and Squid had a major version update to 4.0.3.

Plasma 5.5 is going through staging and users of Tumbleweed might see the update in an upcoming snapshot. However, systemd and the Kernel are blocked due to some issues that need to be resolved, so users should not expect these two in a snapshots until the issues are resolved.

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7 Responses to “Mesa updates in Tumbleweed, OpenSSL security issue fixed”

  1. lumio

    Still no Plama 5.5 oficially in Tumbleweed as of 23.dec. Is there some no go troubles ?

  2. BeDucky

    Has the RSS feed broken? It’s been showing empty for me for a week or two now.

  3. TonY StanK

    Are you going to update Kde and plasma packages or what? other distros (such Arch) already have, and they are working…

    • Mjoo

      Yeah and nothing else works in Arch.

      I’d love to see a week without having to spend hours debugging why some Arch program decided not to build or breaks for no reason. It’s a POS.

      • TonY StanK

        You genius! give me one good reason to use Arch in a POS… why do not you use Gentoo at this point… Maybe there are better choices for that use? (maybe…)

  4. Sam

    Great job guys! The best rolling release distro! :-)

  5. sbaragnaus

    I’ve downloaded Opensuse Tumbleweed KDE (based on Snapshot20151229) but I can’t bot it with my two systems: a Skylake based I5-6600 (integrated graphic) and a notebook based on Ba Trail-M Quad Core Celeron N2815 Processor.

    I’ve also downloaded snapshot Snapshot20160101: same result.

    Ubuntu, Manjaro, Fedora 23 Kde spin and Kubuntu 15.10 works.

    What can I do? Please help me.