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New openSUSE Board Elected

February 3rd, 2016 by

The campaign is over; the votes are counted and three members of the openSUSE community will lead the overall project on the openSUSE Board.

Tomáš Chvátal, Gertjan Lettink, and Bryan Lunduke take the helm with the existing board members of Michal Hrušecký, Kostas Koudaras and chairman Richard Brown.

The new board members each bring different experiences and cultural backgrounds, which will no doubt provide for an exchange of ideas in fulfilling their role of representing the community and the project. The new members are from the Czech Republic, Netherlands and United States, respectively.

Manu Gupta and Efstathios Iosifidis, who ran in this year’s elections, received several votes. Both are great members of the community and will have a chance to run in next year’s elections.

Many thanks to the departing board members Andrew Wafaa, Robert Schweikert and Bruno Friedmann; your efforts and time on the board are valued.

The project can not exist without its members and board, which represent the community. The board helps to resolve conflicts, facilitates decision making processes when needed and communicates with the community and project stakeholders. And yes, like the picture above suggests, occasionally slap each other in the face.

Those who make the decision to volunteer their time and efforts toward representing the project are greatly appreciated. Thank you to all future, past and present board members. Congratulations.

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3 Responses to “New openSUSE Board Elected”

  1. slk021

    Only 24% of geekos voted. Thats kinda low. Congrads to all, hope loudmouth Lundake makes an impact on the scene.

    • Richard Brown

      It’s lower than I would have liked to have seen, yes. This is something the new board already has for it’s agenda

      But it compares well to other distributions (for example Fedora had something like ~200 vote out of ~4000 in their Steering Committee elections)

  2. I think the future for OpenSuse is bright. I like how you have the option for a rolling release distro or a stable distro. I really hope Bryan is able to help GNU/Linux more popular, because it’s alarming that Ubuntu and Mint are slowly moving towards proprietary software. I’m glad to see that the OpenSuse board has let their distro be a truly free operating system for all these years. Congrats to the new leaders!