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openSUSE T-Shirts for Leap Day

February 24th, 2016 by

To celebrate Leap Day, openSUSE will ship you a Leap 42 T-Shirt when you submit a proposal for this year’s openSUSE Conference by Leap Day (Feb. 29, 2016). *Due to a technical problem with OSEM, the deadline for the T-Shirt offering is extended until March 1.

That’s right, if you have already submitted a proposal, you’re in luck. Anyone who submits a proposal on or before Leap Day 2016 for the openSUSE Conference will get an openSUSE Leap 42 T-Shirt; it can be either shipped to them or picked up at the conference. After you submit your proposal, don’t forget to register for the conference. There is a section in the registration that allows you to select your T-Shirt size. Those you who have registered can update the registration to select your size T-Shirt. Contact ddemaio@suse.de if you need your T-Shirt shipped to you.

This year’s openSUSE Conference will also include a SaltStack Summit, Kolab Summit, SUSE Labs Summit and OwnCloud Summit, and it will be a conference you will not want to miss.

T-Shirt Design Contest

There is more than just the Leap 42 T-Shirt. Between Leap Day and April 2, 2016, there will be a T-Shirt Design Contest for the openSUSE Conference.

We are calling on the talent and creativity of the Open Source community to create a T-Shirt design for oSC16. The images of the T-Shirt designs should be uploaded to the wiki and linked to the “Submit your designs” section of the wiki page.

The Organizing Team for oSC16 will select the winning design on April 5, 2016. The winner of the T-Shirt design contest will receive a T-Shirt in the mail.

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4 Responses to “openSUSE T-Shirts for Leap Day”

  1. Hi!!

    I did it for the oSC12:

    and I will try this time too!! :)

    ‘ve phun!!

  2. Will94

    I doubt that anyone at SUSE (which I do realize is located in Germany) knows this, but the number 42 was worn by Jackie Robinson of the Brooklyn Dodgers who broke the color barrier in Major League Baseball in 1947. Before Robinson was signed by the Dodgers, black men were relegated to playing in separate “Negro Leagues” across the country for very little money.

    Over the course of the 1947 season, Robinson endured the wrath of racist fans across the country as well as that of, some, players and coaches from opposing teams. Because he was able to control himself in the face of all of that garbage, baseball was opened to players of all races, the Negro Leagues had disappeared by about 1960, and in 1997 Robinson’s #42 was retired across Major League Baseball (i.e. no player on any team can wear it).

    When I see 42 on the back of a shirt, I immediately think of Jackie Robinson, and I suspect any other baseball fan would too. I’m never going to see ’42’ on a tshirt and think of openSUSE, even with “LEAP” above the number. Just my two cents…

    Wikipedia entry on Mr. Robinson:

  3. kopstukken

    Wanted to try to create a T-Shirt for the upcoming openSUSE Conference in June, but unfortunately there is currently no way I can upload any files to the wiki (which is currently (March 2016) under a massive spam attack, says Cboltz).

    Any idea how the get the files up?
    Here is a preview: