Tumbleweed gets KDE app store

2. Mar 2016 | Douglas DeMaio | No License

Tumbleweed-blackSince the last update on openSUSE Tumbleweed, there have been five snapshots and some of those snapshots have brought some interesting new packages.

The 20160225 snapshot allows Tumbleweed users to add a package called ‘discover’, which is the KDE software installer, implemented as an app store like application.

KDE users can zypper install discover to get the app store based on AppStream.

Another package worth noting is the OpenLDAP package that checks password strength and enforces password strength policies that will comply with IT needs. The feature comes in snapshot 20160229 as a ppolicy-check-module.

Snapshot 20160226 updated the Linux Kernel to 4.4.2. That snapshot also added minor updates for YaST.

Among other packages updated in Tumbleweed this past week are Thunderbird to version 38.6.0 in the 20160225 snapshot and FireFox to 44.0.2 in the 20160229 snapshot.

Snapshot 20160228 updated some python packages and snapshot 20160224 updated KDE Framework to 5.19.0.

Samba and Wayland both had updates this past week and TreeLine, which is used for managing, organizing and outlining, updated to 2.0.2.

Two more snapshots are expected to be released by the end of the week. openQA is not a blocking factor for Tumbleweed anymore and the amount of snapshots released shows how quickly testing of builds have improved.

Libreoffice is currently building on the Open Build Service and will take a few more hours to be built. Without any issues, it might be in one of the next two snapshots.

Tumbleweed users can plan on seeing GNOME 3.20 by end of the month or in early April if all goes expected to plan as the next major release of GNOME is currently going through its release candidate process.

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