Hostel or hotel? Where to stay during the openSUSE Conference

7. Mar 2016 | Douglas DeMaio | No License

Nuremberg offers several places to stay during the openSUSE Conference, but don’t wait too long to book a hotel room or a hostel because there will be a race car event in Nuremberg June 24 - 26.

The NorisRing races are an annual event that started in 1947, so many people from all over Europe will be coming to Nuremberg during the week of the conference and getting a hotel in the area you want might become more difficult the longer you wait.

Hotel rooms and hostels are already filling up, but there are some hotels that have reserved rooms available for people coming to the openSUSE Conference.

Hotel Marienbad and the Duerer Hotel have rooms reserved for Geekos, which is the keyword to reserve your hotel room for the conference. The prices the rooms are 75 € and 89 € respectively and they both include breakfast, but if you’re looking for a less expensive place, contact the one of the two hostels  listed on the conference page.

A&O Nuremberg Hauptbahnhof cost between 23 € - 35 € a night and Pension Hostel Nuremberg is about 55€ a night.

If you desire to stay at a different accommodations than the ones recommended, be aware that the location of the Z-Bau, where the conference will take place, is just two subway stops from the Nuremberg Hauptbahnhof using the U1.

There are plenty of hotels downtown near the Bahnhof and the Kater Murr where the pre-conference party will take place in Nuremberg on June 21. The Kater Murr and many of the local hot spots are just a short walk from the Bahnhof.

Don’t forget about the Travel Support Program.

There are only 39 days left to submit your proposal for the openSUSE Conference, so submit a proposal, book your travel and register for the conference today.

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