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6. Apr 2016 | Douglas DeMaio | No License

Plasma 5.6  and Qt 5.6 have yet to make it in a Tumbleweed snapshot, but the packages are are in staging and the latter will likely arrive after Plasma 5.6. Until then, there are four snapshots the have been released since the last update.

Snapshot 20160405 provided and update to gtk3 to 3.20.2, which provided a fix for a blue background in emacs. Wine updated to 1.9.7 providing improvements to the WebServices reader and drag and drop. Xf86-video-intel was also in the snapshot and backported several patches.

Snapshot 20160404 provided a Btrfsprogs update to 4.5.1 from 4.4.1 and perl-bootloader updated to .911 with the subpackage YAML. Mercurial updated to it’s latest version 3.7.3 and yast2-sound updated to 3.1.9 fixing a dependency on yast2.

Snapshot 20160401 Updates to freetype2 and dolphin and the 20160331 snapshot made an update to GCC 5 and xfsprogs updated to 4.5.

openSUSE Conference

We has selected the design for the openSUSE Conference. Congratulations to orion_0 for submitting the winning design.


Thank you to all the people who submitted designs. There were nine designs submitted during the contest.

Travel Support Program

The Travel Support Program (TSP) provides travel sponsorships to openSUSE community who want to attend the openSUSE conference in Nuremberg June 22 - 26 and need financial assistance. We want everybody there. Even if you think you would not qualify for the travel support, just submit and see what happens. If you don’t try, you won’t know. The application period will be opened from April 18 - May 2. The approval results will be done by May 8. Acceptance must to be done by May 12. In case the requester doesn’t Approve the sponsorship, the amount will be given for the next on the waiting list.

Remember: All requests will be managed through the TSP application at //connect.opensuse.org/travel-support.

You will need an openSUSE Connect account in order to log in the application and apply for sponsorship. Please be sure to fill in all your personal details on your openSUSE connect account to avoid delays or negative request. A good application with good information will be processed faster.

A few reminders

  • Please read the travel policy on the wiki carefully before you apply.

  • Any information you send to the Travel Committee will be private.

  • If you submitted a call for papers, you should mention it in your application.

  • The Travel Committee can reimburse up to 80% of travel and/or lodging costs. That includes hotel, hostel, plane, train, bus, even gas for those willing to drive. Remember, no taxi!

    • Important: Food and all local expenses are on you!
  • We want to sponsor as many people as possible so please check the best deal.

  • The Travel Committee won’t be able to book or pay anything in advance. The reimbursement will be done after the event finishes and based on your expenses receipts.

  • no receipts = no money It is the rule!

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