Systemd updates in Tumbleweed, Leap to have GNOME 3.20

14. Jul 2016 | Douglas DeMaio | No License

Tumbleweed-blackThe last update provided on Tumbleweed was almost a month ago and a lot has happened since then.

Besides the release of a an Alpha 2 for openSUSE Leap 42.2 and the five-day openSUSE Conference in Nuremberg, Tumbleweed snapshots have been rolling along with 10 snapshots since the last update, which highlighted the addition of GNU Compiler Collection 6 as the default compiler for Tumbleweed.

The latest snapshot, 20160710, brought a major release for python3-setuptools to version 24.0.2. Systemd also added some subpackages and python3-numpy squashed some bugs.

Recent snapshots brought LibreOffice 5.2, Mesa 12.0, Kernel 4.6.3 and PulseAudio 9 to Tumbleweed.

Plans for future snapshots have Freetype 2.6.5, disabling a new subpixel hinting mode that was added to version 2.6.4, but it shouldn’t be long for that option to be re-enabled in a future Tumbleweed snapshot.

As for Plasma 5.7.0, the version is still in staging and needs some bug fixes before it will be released.

The planned release in November of the next openSUSE Leap version will have GNOME 3.20, Plasma 5.6.4 and KDE Framework 5.23. The Linux Kernel will be 4.4.



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