Mozilla, systemd, compiler update in Tumbleweed

7. Sep 2016 | Douglas DeMaio | No License

vector chameleonQtCon, Akademy and VideoLAN Dev Days in Berlin this past week kept many developers busy, but openSUSE’s rolling release kept going forward.

Tumbleweed had one new snapshot since that last article was published and more is expected this week.

Snapshot 20160901 provided Mozilla updates for both Firefox and Thunderbird in the repositories. Firefox updated to version 48.0.2 and Thunderbird to version 45.3.0.

The GNU Compiler Collection updated to version 6.2.1, systemd added some subpackages and python-setuptools updated from version 23.1.0 to 26.1.1. Python provided the most updates for the snapshot. The snapshot was a complete rebuild of the distro, so there several package updates needed to be install.

For Tumbleweed users anticipating gblibc 2.24, the package is working its way through staging phases, may be in the next snapshot.

GNOME 3.22 is being Integrated into openSUSE Factory this week; the integration process into Tumbleweed is uncertain. Three weeks of staged testing for 3.22 is expect.



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