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Organize an openSUSE Leap 42.2 Release Party

November 17th, 2016 by

Having a party to celebrate an achievement is always great and the openSUSE community knows how to party; just look at all the fun we have at openSUSE conferences and summits.

With the release of openSUSE Leap 42.2, a release party is in order. Selecting a good date and having some goodies to pass out to the party requires some planning. The checklist below can help with planning the release party, but the most important thing if you plan on having a party is to email ddemaio (at) suse.de well before the party to get some open-source goodies to give away. Please include “Leap 42.2” Party in the subject line and include a mailing address.


  1. Find a date.

The date of a party is best during a weekend (because it’s easier for people to join, since most people work during the week), but we all function differently. Find two alternative dates for the party if you want and use http://www.doodle.com/ to find a common date that works for most people.

  1. Find a place

A cafe, bar or Linux group meetup location all work. A coffee and cake release party is just as fun as a beer and pizza release party with the benefit of not having a headache. If music is your group’s thing, try a release party with openSUSE karaoke. There are tons of SUSE songs to choose from on it’s YouTube play list.


  1. Cake

It is not necessary to have a cake, but it sure is a lot of fun. You can also have openSUSE Cookies. We plan on having a few at the release party in Nuremberg, Germany, on Nov. 24 starting at 5 p.m.

  1. Pictures, pictures, pictures

Bring one or more cameras to take pictures or videos and post them to social media. Tagging the photos with #GeekoParty

  1. Swag

PromoDVDs, webcam covers and stickers – If we can get it to you without too much red tape from governments, we will. Just email that ddemaio guys.

IMPORTANT TIP: Schedule your release party on the wiki and have a lot of fun.

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5 Responses to “Organize an openSUSE Leap 42.2 Release Party”

  1. Brian Coffey

    I would love some OpenSuse swag to pass out. Let me know. I love OpenSuse

  2. geez

    Are you kidding me? No one cares that much.

  3. Eionmac

    Maybe a funeral party! I support elderly folk who have old computers and cannot afford to buy new. Most I have converted from Windows 98. XP, Vista to OpenSUSE 13.2 as it works on 32 bit computers. Now with support ending for 13.2 and LEAP not working on 32 bit for reasons I understand, I may hold a funeral party and find another distro for them. OpenSUSE13.2 plus XFCE was a good solution. A piper shall need to compose great music for a lament at the funeral wake.

  4. Shane

    Nice, Is there an MP3?

  5. ruebenmaster

    Hallo people,
    after the update to 42.2 a lot of additional programs are broken. i had to install the printers new, the vmware workstation new, teamviewer new, wine new and a lot of more. It is lilke a new installation of all. i don’t want a party, where the people stoned me at the marketplace… ;oP

    Stephan, the ruebenmaster