MJ Technology Tablet has openSUSE, Dual Boot

22. Nov 2016 | Douglas DeMaio | No License

It’s official; the Warrior Tablet made by MJ Technology and powered by openSUSE is ready for the world; now it just needs funding through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

Avid Linux users can reap the benefits of four 10.1” Linux tablets offered by MJ Techology. The specifications of the four tablets vary in power and cost, but all come with the power of Linux and openSUSE at the core.

“MJ Technology, a leader in affordable cutting edge tech, is pleased to introduce the MJ Technology Warrior series tablets powered by openSUSE,” said Mark Jun, CEO for MJ Technology.

The preinstalled image on the Warrior Tablet Series is GNOME on openSUSE Leap, but users are welcome to change/reinstall/use Tumbleweed/etc. Any hardware support will be upstream via the Open Build Service and will not impede different usage patterns, so there is no lock-in, which gives the user choice.

The tablets offer dual boot for Windows 10 or use openSUSE Leap as a sole operating system for personal use. System administrators needing to manage multiple servers remotely can fulfill needs with the World’s First actual Made-for-Linux x86/x64 Tablet.

“We are excited about the implications this tablet has for openSUSE and the greater Free and Open Source Software communities,” said Richard Brown, chairman of the openSUSE Board. “openSUSE has always been an advocate for inclusion and this tablet offers an approach to have a Made-for-Linux x86/x64 Tablet running other popular Linux distributions.”

The four Warrior series tablets offer either the Intel® Atom™ x7-Z8750 or x5-Z8350 processor and users have the benefit with openSUSE to choose what desktop environment they want.

MJ Technology, through its crowdfunding campaign, seeks to raise $100,000.00 for the factory start-up and initial tooling costs to help bring the tablet design to the world market. Eight developers and engineers with a combined 50 years in mobile technology fields made the devices work seamlessly and are planning to improve aspects of the design going forward as well and bring other distributions to the tablet; openSUSE’s distribution is just the beginning. Once the openSUSE powered tablet is successfully funded, expansion to include other distributions as well as improving features and functionality will begin.

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