openSUSE Heroes meeting, day 1

2. Dec 2016 | Lars Vogdt | No License

Some of the openSUSE Heroes decided during the last openSUSE Conference that it’s time for more face to face meetings to “get things done” and “work together”…

[caption id=”attachment_20204” align=”aligncenter” width=”583”]Picture from the meeting with some openSUSE Heroes discussing Picture from the meeting with some openSUSE Heroes discussing[/caption]

So starting today, some openSUSE Heroes started to spend the first December weekend in the SUSE Headquarter in Nuremberg. And they really have a lot to do, as you might imagine! That might be the reason why some of them started at 02:00 in the night to arrive at 07:00 in Nuremberg…

Starting with a personal introduction round (were they found out that we assimilated some Gentoo and Fedora admins ;-)  the next steps are

  • a quick server room tour (“get your fingers dirty and touch your machines”)

  • discuss about the next steps for the openSUSE Cloud in Provo

[caption id=”attachment_20206” align=”aligncenter” width=”300”]Pencil painting of the SUSE Cloud network structure Quick draw of the SUSE Cloud setup for openSUSE.[/caption]

  • discuss about handling content in the openSUSE Wiki

  • got a SaltStack training (thanks to tampakrap for the nice  training!) - we already started to update our internal Admin wiki at with the cool stuff we learned

  • start ticket wrangling and discussion about “how to handle the trillions of issues reported to - and how to go forward

  • while we were talking about the tickets, we moved over to the documentation part and started to work on the Wiki pages

A first - very rogue copy - of our internal minutes can be found on our mailing list.

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