openSUSE Heroes meeting, day 2

3. Dec 2016 | Lars Vogdt | No License

After a long, but exciting first day, we even managed to get some sleep before we started again and discussed the whole morning about our policies and other stuff that is now updated in the openSUSE wiki. After that, we went out for a nice lunch…

[caption id=”attachment_20216” align=”aligncenter” width=”552”]openSUSE Heroes out for lunch. openSUSE Heroes out for lunch.[/caption]

…before we started the discussion about some other topics on our list.


  • we got an agreement how we manage our “own” packages (that you can find now in the openSUSE:Infrastructure project in the openSUSE Build Service) and JeOS images.

  • Lars gave a short update about the current sponsoring status and possibilities

  • After a freeIPA presentation from Darix and a general Cloud introduction from Christian, we started a long and interesting discussion about our services, their “distribution” between Nuremberg and Provo and how to get them connected and administrated.

  • A lot of stuff around “securing our infrastructure” was not officially on the plate, but if you listened between the lines, you noticed that our admins have a secure environment always in mind - even if the topics is officially around bare metal machine administration, Salt or authentication (just to name some examples).

[caption id=”attachment_20218” align=”aligncenter” width=”362”]Tampakrap painting on our whiteboard Tampakrap painting on our whiteboard[/caption]

We ended up in a short discussion about “how do we monitor all that stuff” - and if we might use Salt also for intrusion detection. Even if we finally end up on the Nuremberg Christmas Market this evening: be sure that we will continue the discussions about “Crowbar”, “SDN”, “Thruk”, “GitLab”, …. (at least until we got enough hot spiced wine ;-)

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