GNOME, Notmuch update in Tumbleweed

15. Dec 2016 | Douglas DeMaio | No License

To state that not much has been happening in openSUSE Tumbleweed is an understatement as there were seven snapshot this week.

Life, however, is full of surprises and irony and this article just might end with a little.

The beginning of the week started with snapshot 20161208 that had a change that affects Python users. The update of python3-setuptools to version 30.2.0 dropped support for Python 3.2, which was released in February of 2011. The snapshot also provided an update to Kernel firmware 20161130 with patches affecting Intel Bluetooth.

The next snapshot, 20161209, updated most gstreamer packages to version 1.10.2, which brought Open Graphics Library related bugfixes and a security-relevant bugfix in the vmnc decoder. The text shaping package HarfBuzz updated to 1.3.4 and fixed vertical glyph origin in hb-ot-font and Vala’s update to 0.34.4 had some small bugfixes.

NetworkManager-openconnect 1.2.4 updated translations and fixed support for IPv6-only VPNs and updates to yast2-installation 3.2.11 and yast2-network 3.2.16 had crash fixes.

The updates to gstreamer continued in snapshot 20161210 with gstreamer-editing-services, gstreamer-rtsp-server and gstreamer-validate moving to version 1.10.2, which fixed mostly minor bugs. The snapshot also updated the Linux Kernel to 4.8.13. Python-packaging updated to version 16.8, which provided a fix for rendering and Wine updated to the 2.0 Release Candidate 1 that enhances Shader Model 5 operations.

Snapshot 20161211 brought GNOME users new software options. GNOME-software updated to version 3.22.4 and allows Flatpak installations to work. Four days after updating to version 30.2.0 in snapshot 20161208, python3-setuptools updated to 30.3.0, which added support for declarative package configuration in a setup.cfg file.

Snapshot 20161211 also added several new subpackages with the update to KIWI 7.04.21. The snapshot updated vim to version 8.0.130 and libvirt adds support for VirtualBox 5.1 as well as many other new features with the update to version 2.5.0.

An update of ffmpeg to version 3.2.2 added news avcodec fixes in snapshot 20161212 and GNU Compiler Collection 6.2.1 updated to +r243481. GTK 3.22.5 split out glib schemas to prepare for GTK 4.

The last of the snapshot this week, 20161213, updated just a few packages. Ironically enough, the tag-based email system notmuch, which was updated to version 0.23.3, was included in the snapshot.

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