Tumbleweed Snapshots Bring Users New Vulkan, 4.9.7 Kernel

9. Feb 2017 | Douglas DeMaio | No License

Six Tumbleweed snapshots this week brought users newer versions of GStreamer, Wine, Vulkan, and a new Linux Kernel.

The new 4.9.7 kernel arrived over the weekend with the 20170204 snapshot.

The new kernel sources updated config files and fixed a build failure specific to DWARF (Debugging with Attributed Records Format). The snapshot added support for the Perl client ddclient to version 3.8.3 and yast2-installation 3.2.20 added an all-in-one installation overview for SUSE’s new Container as a Service Platform product. More information about CaaSP and transactional updates can be found in a video presented by Thorsten Kukuk at FOSDEM.

GNU Compiler Collection 6.3.1 passed testing in openQA and made it into the 20170205 snapshot and so did python-cryptography 1.7.2 and getdata 0.10.0, which is a library that provides an Application Programming Interface (API) to interface with Dirfile databases.

The 20170206 snapshot gave users Wine 2.1, which provided fixes that were deferred during the code freeze and Direct2D rendering improvements. Mercurial 4.1 reduced server-side PCU usage with a new compression engine.

The most recent snapshot was 20170207; it gave Tumbleweed users Epiphany 3.22.6, which fixed a minor memory leak and a serious password extraction sweep attack on the password manager. Snapper was updated to version 0.4.3 and set up certain subvolumes to function with CaaSP and Btrfs. The snapshot also enhanced 3D graphics with new subpackages in Vulkan

Earlier in the week, snapshot 20170203 added several changes with the minor version update of NetworkManager 1.6.0 and VirtualBox fixed API changes for the Release Candidate of Linux Kernel 4.10. Digital painting Krita had a lot of bug fixes as seen on this anamation video page. GStreamer updates several subpackages with its minor version updated to 1.10.3 and vm-install updated its German Portable Object file in the 0.8.60 update.

Snapshot 20170201 had a nice update for Python fans as libvirt-python 3.0.0 add all new APIs and constants in libvirt. Perl-Bootloader’s update to 0.917 parse the initial ramdisk (initrd) and ca-certificates-mozilla had some notable protection changes in its new 2.11 version.

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