GStreamer, Mesa Packages Updated in Tumbleweed

29. Jun 2017 | Douglas DeMaio | No License

Three openSUSE Tumbleweed snapshots this week brought a few major release packages and a clear example for how the automated testing tool openQA  can prevents a snapshot from being released.

The unicode character map Gucharmap, which uses the gtk+ toolkit and runs on any platform that gtk+ supports, was updated to version 10.0.0 in the repositories in the 20170625 snapshot. The GNOME project updated translations and support of editors like Bluefish as well as many others. Other major release were also in the 20170625 snapshot. An update of net-tools to version 2.0 dropped the network statistics (netstat) Extended Internet Daemon (xinetd) service to phase out xinetd. Users of the proc file-system get cgroup namespaces with the arrival of the psmisc 23.0 package.

Some minor version updates in the 20170625 snapshot were made to kexec-tools 2.0.14, which had backport upstream with fixes, and drbd 9.0.8, which is a block device which is designed to build high availability clusters, merged some changes preparing for compatibility with the Linux Kernel 4.12. Yast2-bootloader made some changes to autoYaST configurations in version 3.3.0.

The most recent snapshot, 20170626, made some fixes to for the window manager for GNOME with mutter 3.24.3; one of which was a fix for the wacom cursor offset on wayland. A features request was also made in the snapshot to update osinfo-db to version 20170423.

Tumbleweed was preparing a 20170621 snapshot, but testing in openQA confirmed that the snapshot should not be released due to breakage failures and the snapshot was thrown away.

There was a snapshot the following day, 20170622, that updated some of the packages that were expect to arrive in the throwout snapshot. Mesa 17.1.3 had many fixes and improved error handling of EGL in eglQuerySurface; the RADV driver received a handful of patches. GStreamer 1.12.1 provided various fixes for crashes, assertions and memory leaks in the snapshot.

Apache2 2.4.26 enhanced security, added new features and fixed several bugs; the changelog also tagged HTTP/2 as fully production ready. Improvements to the syntax highlighting of: SPARQL, CSS, BibTeX and LaTeX came with gtksourceview 3.24.3. Squid 3.5.26 had some packaging cleanup  and include the required OpenSSL advertisement on builds -v output where features are displayed and the OpenSSL supports better compliance with license requirements.

Items users can expect in future Tumbleweed snapshots are KDE Frameworks 5.35.0 and openSSL 1.1 as default.

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