From Drivers to Kernel, A Week Full of Tumbleweed Snapshots

3. Nov 2017 | Douglas DeMaio | No License

There has been an openSUSE Tumbleweed snapshot every day this week and KDE Frameworks along with AppArmor and Plasma began a week full of new software releases for openSUSE’s rolling distribution.

The most recent snapshot was  20171101 and the update of appstream-glib to 0.7.3 added support for URL launchable types; it also provided write XML for newer AppStream specification versions. Ethtool 4.13 added some features and fixed a few issues like  the formatting of advertise bitmask. Also in the snapshot, both glib-networking 2.54.1 and glib2 2.54.2 updated translations.

The OpenType text shaping engine Harfbuzz was updated in the 20171031 snapshot to version 1.6.3, which brought new emojis through an update to Unicode 10. Postfix 3.2.4 was upgraded and builds with OpenSSL 1.0.0 or 1.0.1, but is noted to have failed to send email to some sites with “TLSA 2 X X” DNS records associated with an intermediate CA certificate.

Linux Kernel 4.13.10 was made available in the 20171030 snapshot and included several improvements for xfs.

Stricter permissions on cron directories were made with the upgrade for permissions 20171025 in snapshot 20171029 and python-qt5 also had a configuration patch added in the snapshot.

Snapshot 20171028 delivered the most diverse snapshot of the week with updates to libXfont 1.5.3, mono-core 5.4.0 and SuSEfirewall2 3.6.369. Several libraries were updated in the snapshot and libsmbios 2.3.3 has a new dell_rbu driver to perform BIOS updates on DellEMC systems. Libxslt 1.1.30 fixed memory leaks and zypp-plugin 0.6.1 fixed a specfile to be able to build for python3.

Apparmor 2.11.1, which arrived in snapshot 20171027, fixed a regression in displaying the “changed profiles” list in aa-logprof and removed some upstreamed patches. Almost everything else in the snapshot was KDE related. KDE Frameworks 5.39.0 had plenty of changed and re-licensed KDeclarative to LGPL2.1+. Framework’s KTextEditor fixed a missing spell check bar and Breeze added an overflow-menu icon. Plasma 5.11.2 also arrived in the snapshot and fixed colors not updating in systemsettings as well as fixed some synchronization issues with Plasma Addons.

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