Tumbleweed Rolls Forward with New versions of Mesa, Squid, Xen

19. Jan 2018 | Douglas DeMaio | No License

This week provided a pretty healthy amount of package updates for openSUSE’s rolling distribution Tumbleweed.

There were three snapshots released since the last blog and some of the top packages highlighted this week are from Mesa, Squid, Xen and OpenSSH.

The Mesa update from version 17.2.6 to 17.3.2 in snapshot 20180116 provided multiple fixes in the RADV Vulkan driver and improvements of the GLSL shader cache. The Linux Kernel provides some fixes for the security vulnerabilities of Meltdown in version 4.14.13 and added a prevent buffer overrun on memory hotplug during migration for KVM with s390. The snapshot had many more package updates like openssh 7.6p1, which tightened configuration access rights. A critical fix when updating Flatpak packages live was made with the gnome-software version 3.26.4 update. File systems package btrfsprogs 4.14.1 provided cleanups and some refactoring while wireshark 2.4.4 made some fixes for dissector crashes. Xen 4.10.0_10 added a few patches. Rounding out the snapshot, ModemManager 1.6.12 fixed connection state machine when built against libqmi and blacklisted a few devices to include some Pycom devices.

Snapshot 20180114 moved rpm 4.14.0 from staging to the rolling release and optimized debuginfo packages. Additionally, python-rpm 4.14.0 switched the build to use setuptools-based build, so that the Python module is properly built with all its metadata. The package for mature and widely used C/C++ and Java libraries icu4j moved to version  60.2 and offered jdk9 upstream fixes and added a patch to fix builds with jdk10. A major update of python-Pillow from version 4.2.1 to 5.0.0 added docstrings from documentation and specifies compatible Python versions for pip. MariaDB 10.2.12 added some patches.

One of the last packages to highlight in the snapshot was cpupower  4.15, which includes the x86_energy_perf_policy binary and is important for later package dependencies, according to the changelog.

The snapshot beginning the week, 20180110, brought a new major version of Squid; the 4.0.22 version brough major User Interface changes, improved Symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) and enabled long (–foo) command line parameters on squid binary. Another major version was mpfr 4.0.0; the C library, which is for multiple-precision floating-point computations, has added several new functions and configuration options as well as better support for Automake 1.13+.

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