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The future of openSUSE-Education

January 27th, 2018 by

Logo of the openSUSE-EducationThe openSUSE-Education project tries to support schools using openSUSE. We create and describe additional software-repositories for educational projects and we created Add-on medias and finally a live DVD from the regular openSUSE distribution.

As you can see in our timeline, we achieved quite a lot in the past years, had fun and meet a couple of very nice people out there in our spare time. But the main team members moved on to new projects, with the hope that we would one day find some time to work more on openSUSE-Education again. This does not seem to happen – at least not for the foreseeable future.

While we currently still spend a lot of time to get over 460 packages in the Education project up to date and building, we could not find any volunteer to take over the maintenance of our webpage (which will be down end of this month), the hosting of additional repositories help users with questions in the forum or even someone who wants to create the next Li-f-e or add-on media. We could of course leave everything as it is right now and call it good enough. But we don’t think that would be fair to our users who are expecting a well thought through environment for educational activities where all details have been taken care of and maintenance and support in any form are available for them.

While we still work on the packages in the Education repository, based on our time, new contributors are absolutely welcome to take over the openSUSE-Education project and shape it to their liking. The old guard will be happy to assist the new volunteers wherever needed and possible.

We will wait until the release of openSUSE Leap 15.0 before we will ask the openSUSE board to officially revoke openSUSE-Education as an openSUSE project. This will be the final end of the  openSUSE-Education project – and we hope that this step will not be necessary.

It’s been a fun ride for all of us and we very much hope that this won’t be the end of openSUSE-Education but instead a new beginning for this great project.

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7 Responses to “The future of openSUSE-Education”

  1. What is involved in maintaining the website? I am not a software developer but I am involved in maintaining websites.

  2. Vlad Hnatiuk

    Hi! I could try to help with maintaining of webpages, also I have some experience in packaging.

    • Maintaining the website should not be very complicated, as we switched to a bootstrap theme a while ago. The current page is available from GitHUB:


      So it should even be possible to use the self hosting service from Github for those static pages. The only thing that is not clear (as it looks like the openSUSE board is not interested) is the domain: The sponsoring for the opensuse-education.org domain will end at Jan 31th.

      We had this domain in the past to host the Li-f-e images, which contain some non-oss software and all multi media encoders, that schools don’t want to download separately. This could not be hosted on SUSE sponsored machines because of possible legal problems.

      If you want to take over, please get in contact via irc://irc.opensuse.org/#opensuse-admin or mail to admin@opensuse.org, so the hand over can take place before the domain will be deleted.

  3. Hi!

    Spreading the word for spanish speaker community:

    Maybe someone can keep on this great resource for students, teachers, etc…

    ‘ve phun!!

  4. John Hudson

    I have sent the following email to admin@opensuse.org

    ‘I have expressed an interest in maintaining the openSUSE-Education website and forked the GitHub repository.

    ‘I am unclear what further steps are necessary and would welcome some advice.’

  5. Hi

    I would like to help with page maintenance as volunteer. @Lars could you give me some orientation about it?

    I’m working on web development (mostly PHP) since 2001, openSuse user since 2012, involved with PHPSP UG last 10 years and passionate on education topics.

    • Well, the first task from my point of view would be to claim rights to the domain opensuse-education.org at a registrar of your choise. With this, you could re-establish the most used resources: the official download repositories for the old releases and the additional DNS entries for “www.opensuse-education.org”, “files.opensuse-education.org”, “bugs.opensuse-education.org”, “forums…”, “support….” and so on. I still saw some requests on those domains (not counting the bots from google, yahoo and such) that indicated to me that some users are still using the old stuff. We also pointed in many places (README’s, press-articles, etc) to that domain.

      But you might also want to think if this is really needed at all, as such a domain costs around 15 EUR per year, not included any hoster for the DNS, Email or webspace.

      On the other side, the main focus always was our li-f-e media: https://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Education-Li-f-e should give you a good starting point for it. Feel free to contact me or any other one from the former Education-Team if you have questions.