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5. Mar 2018 | Thorsten Bro | No License

openSUSE-Heroes LogoThe first weekend in March 2018, the openSUSE Heroes met again in-person, after one year of infrastructure work, which was mostly done from home.

After our last in-person meeting in December 2016, we saw each-other in person at openSUSE conference 2017 and maybe at some other events like release parties - but now it’s the time of the year when it’s very cold outside - so we decided to stay one weekend inside and talk about the topics for 2018 and the future of the openSUSE Heroes team. And getting some work done :).

You might imagine us now two days busy with hacking and a bunch of nerds in front of their preferred shell-window. But it’s the total opposite. Our main “tools” we used this weekend were a flip chart, our voices and a lot of coffee.

By the way, thanks a lot to SUSE for providing us with a room, a network connection, drinks, coffee and cookies. In fact we were given the new and shiny “SUSE Event Area” which was built by SUSE last year to host all kinds of internal, external and community events.

After one year of having our monthly meetings via IRC, we had a lot of topics to discuss and a lot of decisions to make about the openSUSE infrastructure in the future.

After a nice dinner on Day0, Friday 2018-03-02, where most of the Heroes arrived in Nuremberg, we started working on Saturday.

On the Day1, Saturday 2018-03-03 and Day2, Sunday 2018-03-04 we had the following topics on our list, worked through them, defined ToDos for the following months and assigned tasks.

You can find an overview of our agenda of this weekend below - the detailed meeting minutes can be found here.

  • Coordinator

  • openVPN / Bridging network - Provo / Nuremberg

  • Board topics

  • SLE 11 / Leap 15

    • migration of old SLE 11 hosts

    • migration to Leap 15 of Leap 42.3 hosts

  • Mirrors (mirroring infrastructure) / database clusters

  • monitoring.o.o / status.o.o

  • Salt / Automation

  • Sponsoring

  • WebApps (“connect.o.o” / “progress.o.o” / “beans.o.o” / more )

  • Release Management

Thanks to Richard Brown and Ludwig Nussel for joining our meeting and answering our questions regarding openSUSE board and project in general and release management of Leap 15.

Besides a lot of work and filling up our ToDo list for 2018 - we had some time to visit the restaurants & bars of Nuremberg :).

Here are some pictures of our offsite.

Heroes offsite 2018 - team picture

Heroes offsite 2018 - team picture

Heroes offsite 2018 - team picture

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