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openSUSE Leap 15 Release Scheduled for May 25

April 18th, 2018 by

The release of openSUSE Leap 15 is scheduled to be release during the first day of this year’s openSUSE Conference in Prague, Czech Republic on May 25.

The package submission deadline for non-bug fix package updates is April 24 as Leap enters the release candidate phase. The scheduled release for Leap 15 is May 25 at 12:00 UTC.

Leap has been using a rolling development model for building Leap 15 beta versions. Bug fixes and new packages have been released via snapshots to users testing the beta versions. The snapshots for the test version will stop and maintenance and security updates for Leap 15’s release will begin next month. Linux professionals and anyone looking to use Leap 15 are encouraged to test the beta versions as there is still snapshots being released and announced on the openSUSE Factory Mailing List. A list of items to test is available here.

The openSUSE project is pleased to announce that with Leap 15 Live images will again be available. Both KDE and GNOME can be tested without having to change your current system.

openSUSE Leap 15 shares a common core with SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLE) 15 sources and has thousands of community packages on top to meet the needs of professional and semi-professional users and their workloads.

The Kubic Project contributed a system role selection available with the release that offers two types of server roles; the classic server role and a Transactional Server role, which uses transactional updates and a Read-Only Root Filesystem. The release at the openSUSE Conference will give the openSUSE community and Free Open Source Software projects an opportunity to discuss plans for the openSUSE Leap 15 release, which will receive maintenance updates for at least three years.

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15 Responses to “openSUSE Leap 15 Release Scheduled for May 25”

  1. Clyde

    Will this be an upgrade “in place” for my current Leap?

    • okurz

      Yes, upgrading from previous versions of openSUSE Leap is possible. We also have openQA tests showing this live, for example https://openqa.opensuse.org/tests/657744 :)

      But depending on your current system state you might be better of with a clean installation. This is of course a personal choice.

  2. Ben

    Finally live images again!!!!!!!!

  3. LinAGKar

    Does it include DC?

    • jedibeeftrix

      > Does it include DC?

      No. Comes with 4.12 kernel from SLE15.

      DC arrived with 4.15, matured with 4.16, and will be fully functional when 4.17 arrives.

      No sign of a backport, makes sense as it is a pretty huge change.

  4. Hi!

    Spreading the word for spanish speakers!


    Have a lot of fun!

  5. anche

    So, RC version will be available 24th April?

  6. olahaye74

    Is there a good place explaining versions scheem?
    openSuSE Leap 42.3 is equivalent to SLES-11.3 and upcomming openSuSE Leap 15.0 is for SLES 15.0 right?

    • besser wisser

      Not totally correct: openSUSE 42.3 is based on SLES 12.3

      • olahaye74

        thanks for notice :-)
        So 15.0 > 42.3? (speaking about openSuSE)
        Seems that 42 was not the universal answer to everything in universe :-D

  7. Aram

    Tested the beta version. Was already stable enough to use on daily production. Pleased with many new and fresh packages.

  8. Strahil Nikolov

    I’m glad that projects like OpenSuSE don’t lag behind.
    Good Job, community!

  9. Per Inge Oestmoen

    Will Leap 15 contain GIMP 2.10x?

  10. besser wisser

    Just out of curiosity: Is there an official nickname for Leap 15? (Like “Malachite” for Leap 42.x)

  11. Andreas Mitsis

    How can I download openSUSE Leap with aria2c and where?

    Any hint?