GSoC students are already hacking!

23. May 2018 | Ana María Martínez Gómez | CC-BY-4.0

GSoC students are already hacking!

We always enjoy that new people join openSUSE community and help them in their first steps. Because of that, openSUSE participates again in GSoC, an international program in which stipends are awarded to students who hack on open source projects during the summer. We are really excited to announce that this year four students will learn about open source development while hacking on openSUSE projects. The coding period started last week, so our students are already busy hacking and they have written some nice articles about their projects. :blush:

Matheus de Sousa Bernardo

Matheus is a Software Engineering student in the University of Brasília. He will be working in Trollolo, together with his mentors Ana Martínez (me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) and Cornelius Schumacher. Trollolo is a cli-tool which helps teams using Trello to organize their work. Matheus’ project includes improving Trollolo’s API and workflow. If you want to know more about him and his project, check his beginning blog post:

Xu Liana

Xu is a Software Engineering student in the Chongqing Normal University, China. She will work, together with her mentors ZhaoQiang, epico and Hillwood Yang, in integrating Cloud Pinyin (the most popular input method in China) on ibus-libpinyin. Check her beginning blog post with more details about her and the project:

Ankush Malik

Ankush is pursuing a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science in the Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology, India. He will be working on improving people collaboration in the Hackweek tool, together with his mentors David Kang and Stella Rouzi. He just released his GSoC Journey blog post which you can find here:

Asad Syed

Asad is from Pakistan and is studying a Masters degree in Informatics at the Technical University of Munich, Germany. He will develop a container-based backend for openQA with the help of his mentors Santiago Zarate, Ettore Di Giacinto and Stephan Kulow. Read here about his experiences with openSUSE and past participations in Google Summer of Code:

As you see, there is a lot of great work coming in from our new talented contributors. Stay tuned because they will keep blogging about their GSoC experience! :wink:

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