Voting Gets Underway for the 2018-2019 openSUSE Board Elections

5. Feb 2019 | Fraser Bell | No License

Cast Your Votes!

We have done our part:  Now, You do Yours!

[caption id=”attachment_21677” align=”aligncenter” width=”650”] 2018-2019 Election Poster contributed by Aris Winardi[/caption]

The ballots are out and the 2-week voting process to choose three Board Members in the 2018-2019 openSUSE Board Elections now gets underway, with a total of seven top quality Candidates running.

If you are an openSUSE Member, you should have received an email with the elections url and your credential to log in and cast your vote. If you did not receive this e-mail, and if you are a qualified Member, you must contact the Elections Committee immediately.  You may cast your vote starting now and until February 15, 2019. You may also update your vote within this time-frame should you wish to do so. The election ballots will close February 15, 2019 at 12h00 UTC.

Members may vote for up to three out of the seven candidates whose biographies were published during the course of the previous weeks.

You can find out more about the Elections at the Official Wiki Page.

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