Major Version Updates of Bash, libvirt, OpenConnect Arrive in Tumbleweed

7. Feb 2019 | Douglas DeMaio | No License

Another three snapshots were released this week for openSUSE Tumbleweed bringing updates for ImageMagick, Mesa, Apache, Ceph, Flatpak Builder, Python and more. Plus, new major versions of Bash, glusterfs, libvirt and openconnect were updated this week.

The first snapshot of the week, 20190201, was a complete rebuild of the distribution and the snapshots released since have gradually improved in quality, according to the Tumbleweed snapshot reviewer.

The most recent snapshot, 20190205, brought support HEIC EXIF & XMP profiles with the minor version release of the graphics editing tool ImageMagick The 18.3.2 version of the Mesa library and Mesa-drivers were updated, which provided a number of fixes for the RADV Vulkan drivers. The apache2 package was updated to 2.4.38 and the update lists the mod_lua module as stable. Fixed conflicting items in rule dialogs were fixed with the autoyast2 4.1.0 update. Ceph’s updated package had a fix for SignatureMismatchError in s3 commands. The support library used in the Xfce desktop exo 0.12.4 fix highlight rendering with GTK 3. The scalable, distributed file system glusterfs had a major update jump from version 4.0.2 to 5.3. The new version added several new management and standalone features and the dot three minor version provided a fix for Filesystem in Userspace (FUSE) client’s memory leak. The major release of openconnect 8.02 added Cisco-compatible DTLSv1.2 support. Another major version release was libvirt 5.0.0 that added support for Open vSwitch with the new feature for Xen. Other packages that were updated were the kernel firmware, gnutls, libstorage-ng 4.1.84, llvm 7.0.1, mercurial 4.9 and python-setuptools 40.7.2. The sysconfig package moved backward from version 0.85.0 to 0.84.3.

The 20190202 snapshot updated 10 packages and gave Tumbleweed users their second consecutive Kernel of the week. The Linux Kernel 4.20.6 replaced the 4.20.4 kernel that was introduced in the snapshot a day earlier. The new kernel addressed the network authentication protocol Kerberos to enhance performance and behavior regressions. The libyaml 0.2.1 package ported a bug fix from Perl binding and had a change to support static and dynamic libraries. There were multiple python packages that were updated and feature rich Remote Desktop Application remmina 1.3.2 provided a few fixes including cosmetic fixes and add a missing endpoint in an SSH error message.

Snapshot 20190201 had several package fixes including a major version update for bash. Bash 5.0 had a bug fixed that caused a shell comment in an alias to not find the end of the alias properly. The utilities package for maintaining the ext2, ext3 and ext4 file systems e2fsprogs 1.44.5 now allows for e2image to include Multiple Mount Protection block. Flatpak-builder 1.0.3, which allows developers to make applications that run on multiple Linux distributions, added a new default-branch manifest option to allow overridable. The 4.20.4 Linux Kernel was also made available in this snapshot. The python3 3.7.2 removed several patches and stopped applying the python-3.6.0-multilib-new.patch and applied the old proven python-3.6.0-multilib.patch instead. The sudo 1.8.27 package fixed a bug introduced in 1.8.22 where utm/p/utmpx would not be updated when a command was run in a pseudo-tty. The file manager package for the Xfce Desktop Environment thunar 1.8.4 add support for folder.jpg and fixed the standard view border during drag and drop. More than 30 other packages were updated in the snapshot.

Snapshot 20190201 has a pending unstable rating of 40, according to the Tumbleweed snapshot reviewer. Snapshot 20190202 is also trending unstable rating of 62. The newest snapshot, 20190205, is trending at a moderate rating of 79.

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