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Leap 15.1 Beta Pizza Party

February 22nd, 2019 by

Prosciutto, anchovy and onion pizza.

Hunt for bugs & have a lot of fun!

The release manager for openSUSE Leap announced that Leap 15.1 entered its Beta phase this week and that means it’s time for a Beta Pizza Party. Yeah!.

Leap’s Beta phase is a rolling beta until it’s official release. Once released, it will begin its maintenance phase.

To celebrate the Beta phase, why not have a Pizza Party and test the openSUSE Leap 15.1 Beta.

Geeko in Nuremberg will have a Beta Pizza Party on March 1, 2019 during lunch. Any Beta tester in the Nuremberg area are welcome to attend. Just email ddemaio (@) opensuse.org.

If there’s no party near you, organize your own. Be sure to check the wiki page! Pick a local pizza place or get some delivered to your home or office; invite friends and colleagues and put your party on the wiki. A new openSUSE user may show up! If you are unsure of how to do it, read this.

Download the Beta…

Beta’s of Leap 15.1 are available at https://software.opensuse.org/distributions/testing. Install it on a VM, virtualbox or on your hardware. Report or help fix any problems you encounter.

Testing and helping out!

The focus of a Beta Pizza Party is about building a local openSUSE community and testing Leap 15.1 Betas. This means installing it and submitting bug reports when you bump into trouble.

Bugs should be reported and can be tracked via Bugzilla. Find a how-to on reporting bugs on the wiki.

Discussions about openSUSE development takes place on the openSUSE Factory mailing list.  If you want to help out, please see the wiki page on contributing to Factory. Contributing is easy and welcomed!

Have a lot of fun!

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4 Responses to “Leap 15.1 Beta Pizza Party”

  1. Pizza Guy

    openSUSE 15.1 beta kernel uses 4.12.14. The 4.12 branch was released July of 2017. Yes, 2017.
    current LTS Kernel = 4.19 released October, 2018
    current stable Kernel = 4.20 released December, 2018

    • Daniel

      The version number is unfurtunantelly very misleading. Theirs kernel 4.12 will contain graphics drivers from 4.19

      LTS kernel means it is supported (usually) by Linux foundation, this kernel is supported by SUSE. openSUSE live in open source world so they can, and they do, freelly copy lot of patches from 4.14 and 4.19 into theirs 4.12

      • Real World

        4.12 does not equal 4.19. Nice try though. openSUSE use is falling and this is one of the reasons.

  2. aram

    please upgrade gimp to 2.10 ..!