openSUSE Board Alumni Peter T. Linnell died on March 18th

25. Mar 2019 | Henne Vogelsang | No License

[caption id=”attachment_21760” align=”aligncenter” width=”279”]Peter T. Linnell Peter T. Linnell (1963 - 2019)[/caption]

Peter was widely known as founder of Scribus, the Libre Graphics Meeting and enthusiastic contributor to countless other Free Software projects. For openSUSE he took over responsibility as an active member of our package review team and has served as openSUSE Board member twice, from 2011-2012 and 2014-2016. Peter passed away a week ago after lengthy battle with cancer, he is survived by his wife Pauline and his daughter Stella. His obituary mentions ways to honor his life.

We will always remember Peter as fellow tinkerer, with an boundless passion to understand the inner workings and meanings of software and people. Farewell Peter, you’ll be missed by the openSUSE Community.

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