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InfinityBook Pro 13 as an important part of the openSUSE reference tests

May 15th, 2019 by

openSUSE and TUXEDO Computers want to offer the best user experience

KÖNIGSBRUNN, Germany — The cooperation between TUXEDO Computers and the openSUSE project has existed since 2018. This has been very successful, so that the release team of openSUSE has received a permanent loan from TUXEDO Computers and has developed and further developed the new version Leap 15.1 on the InfinityBook Pro 13, which will be released soon.

The openSUSE project mainly uses the InfinityBook Pro 13 from the TUXEDO Computers range. It offers numerous configuration options and is characterized by its mobility, runtime, performance, quality and flexibility. The internal tests at openSUSE were consistently positive. Further information and benchmarks can be found in the current joint success story, which is available for download.

TUXEDO Computers at the openSUSE Conference 2019

24th to 26th of May 2019: openSUSE Conference 2019 in Nuremberg/Germany

From 24th to 26th of May 2019, TUXEDO Computers will be part of the openSUSE Conference 2019 in Nuremberg/Germany. There, the hardware manufacturer from Königsbrunn near Augsburg/Germany will present a selection of current devices. The laptops can be viewed and tested here. Via the TUXEDO Computers online shop, more than 20 devices can be configured according to individual requirements and equipped, for example, with the Linux distribution openSUSE. The openSUSE conference in May is the annual openSUSE community event that brings people from all over the world together. Organized lectures, workshops and BoF sessions provide a setting for more informal meetings and hack sessions.

Further information and ticket can be found here: https://events.opensuse.org/conferences/oSC19

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3 Responses to “InfinityBook Pro 13 as an important part of the openSUSE reference tests”

  1. Steph42

    A little high in the price range, Tuxedo.
    I got a Lenovo AMD A9, cheaper and just replaced windows 10.
    On looking you can get other top brand laptops cheaper, just replace the windows 10.

    • Stan

      A relatively small, European-based hardware manufacturer can’t underprice a company like Lenovo which produces everything in large quantities and on the cheap. The price is probably not going to be their competitive edge.
      People will buy them if they can afford to support a smaller alternative, assuming the build quality is good enough of course.

  2. Thanks for the info, you’re really right.