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8 Responses to “Election Committee Set to Open Vote on Project Name”

  1. Autopilot

    Woohoo! I wouldn’t like to lose the historical identity and alignment with SUSE to end up being another nth distribution with no proper name and heading.
    The die is cast! =:-)

  2. Spreading the word for spanish speakers:


    Have a lot of fun!!

  3. Hey,

    Sounds good. I like that.

    Amaresh Jha
    Motivational Video In Hindi

  4. Mike Falck

    Honestly I think, Viridian is a solid name.

  5. Carlos Filho

    Already have the suggestion of the names for changes and also the logo?

  6. shahram

    I think the root of SUSE in the name should be kept.
    Changing the name does not guaranty popularity, even have a disadvantageous on getting more developer and maintainer to support distribution.

  7. Callum Hawkins

    It sounds interesting I am sure people won’t regret to participate. With teamwork were made many win real money apps and a huge amount of other good projects. Only working together we can create a masterpiece.

  8. rwc

    I needs to spend some time learning more or understanding more.