New Prototype Builds Bringing Leap, SLE Closer Will be Available Soon

10. Aug 2020 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

New Prototype Builds Bringing Leap, SLE Closer Will be Available Soon

The release manager for openSUSE Leap, Lubos Kocman, has updated openSUSE’s develop community on efforts to bring the codes of Leap and SUSE Linux Enterprise closer together.

In an email to the openSUSE-Factory mailing list, Kocman explained that the prototype project openSUSE Jump should become available for early testing soon and that contributions to the project could become available in the next five weeks.

“First, I’d like to announce that we’ll start publishing images and FTP trees for openSUSE Jump, so people can get their hands on [it],” Kocman wrote. “Please be aware that Jump is still in Alpha quality. I expect data to be available later this week as there is still pending work on pontifex by Heroes.

The Alpha quality state of Jump is gradually progressing.

Jump is an interim name given to the experimental distribution in the Open Build Service as developers try to synchronize SLE binaries for openSUSE Leap.

Kocman explained how feature requests will work, the process for how contributions will be handled and and he also explained how the submissions will lead to greater transparency.

“Backports and openSUSE Leap code submissions will have pretty much the same experience as now,” he wrote. “With the exception that you’ll be able to use just one submit request target for more convenience and reusability as there will be one build used for both Package Hub and Leap. Submissions to SUSE Linux Enterprise will get more transparent. I’d really like to ask you to look at it as a good starting point. I see it as a big improvement from what we have now since you’ll be now able to see behind the scenes. This all is constantly happening, you were just not able to see it before.”

Kocman went on to name several steps on how to update SLE package.

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