Participate in Hacktoberfest, Help Develop Contributions

14. Aug 2020 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Participate in Hacktoberfest, Help Develop Contributions

The month-long, virtual-festival event that celebrates open source contributions, Hacktoberfest, is coming soon and members of the openSUSE community can make a difference.

The event that is in its seventh year and run by Digital Ocean and DEV encourages people to make their first contributions to open source projects.

The event is for developers, designers who contribute artwork, people who can contribute to documentation,and more.

As the event brings more awareness to open-source projects and encourages contributions that benefit communities, having developers and community members available to help people who want to contribute can be beneficial to the project.

Community members can help by guiding new contributors, creating educational content for the project, providing a list of the resources available and creating meetups.

Natnael Getahun plans on coordinating some of the efforts for openSUSE’s presence during Hacktoberfest and has asked for help from community members who are willing to help contributors and expand the events efforts around openSUSE related projects.

A list of ideas for projects during Hacktoberfest are being developed on the openSUSE Etherpad.

Hacktoberfest is open to everyone and there are rules that apply to receive Hacktoberfest Swag and Hacktoberfest Quality Standards that need to be met.

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