Tumbleweed Rises from Rebuilt Packages

4. Sep 2020 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Tumbleweed Rises from Rebuilt Packages

With “literally all 15,000” packages being rebuilt in snapshot 20200826, openSUSE Tumbleweed roared back from a stability rating of 36 in the rebuild snapshot to a 95 rating in snapshot 20200901, according to the snapshot reviewer.

Each snapshot progressively increased in stability this week.

Snapshot 20200901 brought ImageMagick, which provided a patch for correct colospace and fixed paths for conversion of Photoshop EPS files. VirtualBox 6.1.13 arrived in the snapshot and updated the sources to run with versions above the 5.8 Linux Kernel with no modifications needed to the kernel. The library for rendering Postscript documents, libspectre 0.2.9, now requires Ghostscript 9.24 and fixed memory leaks and crashes to the program caused by malformed documents. One major version update to the game freecell-solver was made in the snapshot; version 6.0.1 had some code cleanup, minor bug fixes and the addition of a compile time option. openSUSE’s snapper package updated to 0.8.13 and fixed the Logical Volume Manager setup for volume groups and logical volumes with one character-long names. Other notable packages updated in the snapshot were xapian-core 1.4.17, openldap2 2.4.52 and qalculate 3.12.1.

Trending at a 87 rating, snapshot 20200831, brought less than a handful of updates. The packages updated in the snapshot were bind 9.16.6, libverto 0.3.1, permissions 1550_20200826, and suse-module-tools 15.3.4. The bind package, which implements the Domain Name System (DNS) protocols for the Internet, fixed several Common Vulnerabilities and Exposure including one that made it possible to trigger an assertion failure by sending a specially crafted large TCP DNS message.

Snapshot 20200829, which is likely to record a rating of 69, updated the Linux Kernel to 5.8.4. Some Advanced Linux Sound Architecture additions arrived in the kernel update. VLC player fixed the handling of subtitles and fixed the HLS playlist that was unable to start. Fetchmail 6.4.8 plugged a memory leak where parts of the configuration overrode one another and the configuration now supports Python 3. Flatpak 1.8.2 provided a fix for seccomp filters on s390. GNU Compiler Collection 10 made some fixes and nano 5.2 made some changes that prevent a crash after a large paste in the text editor. Packages pango 1.46.1, lvm2 2.03.10 and mariadb 10.4.14 were also updated in the snapshot along with several other packages.

The 20200826 snapshot that rebuilt all the packages had a few updated versions and an update to the 5.8.2 Linux Kernel. The updates included Mesa 20.1.6, which dropped some dependencies and provided a note in the spec file to enable the dependencies when changing the defines. Several Python packages including python-setuptools were updated in the snapshot; python-setuptools 44.1.1 had a notable change referencing a fix for Python 4 in the changelog. Optimising Web Delivery, Squid improved Transfer-Encoding handling in version 4.13 and enforce token characters for field-names.

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