Thunderbird, grep, systemd Update in Tumbleweed

8. Oct 2020 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Thunderbird, grep, systemd Update in Tumbleweed

Systemd 246.6, grep 3.5 and Mozilla Thunderbird 78.3.1 became available in openSUSE Tumbleweed this week.

Four snapshots have been released so far this month.

The most recent snapshot, 20201007, brought a new version update of the general purpose parser bison 3.7.2, which fixed all known Bison Common Vulnerabilities and Exposure related to the bison program itself, but not the generated code. The GNU C Library, glibc, 2.32 corrected the locking and cancellation cleanup in syslog functions; the update also deprecated the <sys/sysctl.h> header and removed the sysctl function. The snapshot was released a couple of hours ago and started trending at a stable rating of 96, according to the Tumbleweed snapshot reviewer.

Email client Alpine was the only other package besides the several RubyGem packages there were updated in snapshot 20201005. The alpine 2.23.2 version added a shortcut to broaden or narrow searches and also expanded the configuration screen for XOAUTH2 so it can include the username and tenant. Many of the action/active packages of RubyGem updated from version to, which fixed multiple CVEs. The version of rubygem-bundler-audit fixed an issue with Bundler parsing. Some enhancements were made in the update of rubygem-fluentd from version 1.10.3 to version 1.11.2; the package also refactored the of code in it’s latest release. There were two major RubyGem packages updated in the snapshot. One of those was the Sept. 17 release of rubygem-puma 5.0.0; the package provides new experimental commands and options as well as allowing compiling without OpenSSL and dynamically loading files needed for SSL, add ‘no ssl’ Continuous Integration. The other major update was rubygem-vagrant_cloud 3.0.0. The snapshot is trending stable at a 91 rating.

Mozilla Thunderbird’s jump from version 68.12.0 to 78.3.1 brought several changes and CVE fixes in snapshot 20201004; the email application brings in a new Extended Support Release codebase into the rolling release. ImageMagick added support for both Animated Portable Network Graphics and audiovisual media format WebM. The 3.34.2 gnome-bluetooth package hides the pairing dialogue when pairing fails and made better handling of the 8BitDo Zero. Various fixes were made in the grep 3.5 update and messages for matching binary files sent as standard errors were changed. The Linux Kernel updated to version 5.8.12 and fixed boot failure in PowerPC with large amounts of guest memory. Desktop-neutral object database tracker updated to major version 3.0.0 and vim’s 8.2.1775 update fixed a lengthy list of problems like a memory leak with heredoc that isn’t executed and memory leaks when using a nested function. The snapshot is trending moderately stable at a 79 rating.

The snapshot that started the month, 20201002, will likely record a stable rating of 99. The snapshot updated seven packages. The 246.6 version of systemd was included in the snapshot. A fix compiling with external PulseAudio 12.x headers was made with the update of the emulation apulse 0.1.13 package. Networking service package wicked 0.6.64 enabled ipv6 on ports when nsna_ping linkwatch is used. Regressions with spice audio were made in the virt-manager 3.1.0 update and several new unit systems were added in unit version 2.20 like floor, gamma and round.

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