openSUSE Community To Have Kickoff Session for Leap 15.3

28. Oct 2020 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

openSUSE Community To Have Kickoff Session for Leap 15.3

The openSUSE community is inviting package maintainers, contributors, open source developers and Leap 15.3 stakeholders to join the openSUSE community for a kickoff of Leap 15.3.

The kickoff session starts Nov. 4 at 16:30 UTC on

The session will start with a short pre-recorded video updating attendees about the status of Jump 15.2.1, explaining what to expect from the Leap 15.3 release and presenting a roadmap forward for the release.

“Let me share with you the next steps with Closing The Leap Gap and openSUSE Leap and what I’ve agreed upon today with openSUSE Board members,” wrote release manager Lubos Kocman in an email for developers on the Factory mailing list. “ I believe we have no issues with meeting Alpha/Beta criteria for Leap 15.3, unlike criteria used for Go/noGo for 15.2.1. We should have an initial setup done by the 4th of November to meet the roadmap.

“I want to close one chapter so the openSUSE Release team can focus on the upcoming Leap release,” he wrote.

The kickoff is meant to be an informative session followed by a friendly chat/social over a virtual coffee, tea or beer (BYOCTB).

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