KDE Frameworks, VirtualBox, systemd update in Tumbleweed

17. Dec 2020 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

KDE Frameworks, VirtualBox, systemd update in Tumbleweed

Five openSUSE Tumbleweed snapshots have been released since last Friday.

Snapshot 20201215 is the latest update to arrive in the rolling release. The snapshot updated KDE Frameworks 5.77.0 and offered a significant amount of bug fixes and additions for the 83 addon libraries; the Breeze Icon package added an edit-move action icon, the Attica package fixed a crash and KDeclarative relicenses files to the LGPL v2 or later. Both the KIO and Kirigami packages had extensive work done; KIO cleaned up dead code and now requires Qt 5.13. Kirigami fixed rendering borders to the proper size and also made a fix for low power mode. openSUSE’s autoyast2 4.3.64 package added support for Btrfs quotas. The default window sizing was fixed in an update of gnome-tweaks 3.34.1. Location-aware applications will notice a fix for Wifi crashes in the 2.5.6 geoclue2 package. Some obsolete settings were removed from the 4.3.6 yast2-security package and text editor vim fixed the CTRL-Z behavior.

The smallest snapshot of the week was 20201214. The lone Japanese package man-pages-ja provided nearly a year’s worth of updates to version 20201115.

Some GStreamer packages like gstreamer-devtools and gstreamer-editing-services updated to version 1.18.2 in the 20201213 snapshot. KDevelop5 5.6.1 provided some small performance improvements and a set of oddities were fixed with initial parsing of project files, The Linux Kernel 5.9.14 provided serval USB serial fixes as well as Advanced Linux Sound Architecture fixes. The only major update to arrive this week in Tumbleweed was an update to xapps 2.0.0, which should benefit Cinnamon, MATE and Xfce users. Document viewer xreader 2.8.0 added an issue with the Tab key toggling checkboxes and moved the new sidebar button to be part of the navigation group.

GStreamer had various stability, performance and reliability improvements in its 1.18.2 release, which fixed an MPEG-TS timestamping regression when playing DVB streams, that arrived in snapshot 20201212. Firmware updater package fwupd 1.5.3 added the serio->firmare_id for the UDev device manager. A minor release of systemd 246.7 had some udev renaming options made; a full list of changes can be found here. Support for Python 3.5 was removed in the python-cryptography 3.3 package and libzypp 17.25.5 fixed the update of GNU Privacy Guard keys with an elongated expiration date. The GNOME desktop’s indexing and search provider tracker 3.0.2 improved the turtle parser and made the UPDATE parser tree processing iterative rather than recursive.

The 20201211 snapshot kicked off the week with the 6.1.16 maintenance update to virtualbox, which had a workaround to improve resizing of 32-bit VMs with the VMSVGA graphics controller, and it does not try to use RandR version 1.3 due to bugs causing the X server to hang. The 5.2.0 machine emulator version of qemu has a new KVM feature that improves the handling of asynchronous page faults, and new arm boards mps2-an386 (Cortex-M4 based) and mps2-an500 were added. The qemu update also has RISC-V improvements for the Ibex (OpenTitan) Platform Level Interrupt Controller.

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