Web Development Sprints To Start Next Week

28. Jan 2021 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Web Development Sprints To Start Next Week

The openSUSE Project will begin monthly web development sprints to address feedback provided by attendees of the Jan. 23 meetup regarding the results of the End of the Year Survey.

The sprints will be every first Thursday of the month at 18:30 UTC and will take place online at https://meet.opensuse.org/websprints; the first sprint starts on Feb. 4.

The web sprints are open for people to provide feedback to the community about the various websites openSUSE has for on-boarding people who install openSUSE and people who want to learn more about the distributions, tools and technologies. The sprints will focus on several aspects of web development and enhance the structure of the websites to better direct users toward helpful links, resources and communication tools. The web sprints seek participation from new, current and former users to provide feedback to developers with the desire to better understand how people navigate the openSUSE websites.

Gaining feedback on the best communication channels to help people solve technical issues and better ways to show people how to get involved in the project are desired outcomes from the web development sprints.

The sprints will provide a useful way for people to voice their feedback and gain knowledge about web development and technologies.

Organizers of the sprint are collecting topics and ideas on https://etherpad.opensuse.org/p/websprints, so even people who are interested but unable to attend can help improve the navigation and content of the project’s websites.

Next Meetup for End of Year Survey Results

The next sessions will start at 13:00 UTC on openSUSE’s Jitsi instance on Jan. 30. Topics to be discussed are:

  • Tools driving switchers to openSUSE (Where are users coming from)
  • Discuss flagship project/s
  • Expanding global users
  • Increasing diversity
  • Increase usage with people under 34

The meetup will take place at https://meet.opensuse.org/EOY2020.

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