A Message to the openSUSE Community

10. Mar 2021 | Community News Team | CC-BY-SA-3.0

A Message to the openSUSE Community
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Dear community,

openSUSE has been known for years as an amazing, vast and buzzing community. But after many discussions with the many linguistic groups that compose the openSUSE mosaic, we feel that more could be done to facilitate communication and exchanges. We feel this is what makes a community of communities special: it thrives when all groups, from big to small, stick together and share the pleasure of sharing – be it knowledge, emotions or stories.

Nice words don’t do much alone, so the first two concrete changes we want to make:

  1. news-o-o: We want to have all “community news” translated to the four most spoken languages within the community (Indonesian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian – this is only a beginning, get in touch with us if you want to propose yourself as a translator for more languages)
  2. a new community newsletter: Getting inspiration from our ancestor, we want to create a community-wide newsletter that will, among other things:
    • feature amazing individuals from all over the community, putting the spotlight on what they do and how they do it, via interviews or self-coverage
    • share useful tutorials and guides on how to use your openSUSE system and how you can quickly get started with contributing
    • feature interesting packages that may use some love
    • expose places in the community where your interests and skills would be best put to use
    • announce community events & activities, so that you have a chance to meet up geekos of different shades of green
    • … overall, a finely curated collection of blog posts, articles and reviews that appeared in the last weeks or so, to make certain things stick out from the inescapable flow of time.

We are almost ready to get started, but we are still looking for 1-2 translator(s) to Russian.

Call to ‘“veteran contributors”: If you are a package maintainer or an infrastructure volunteer and you feel like your workflow could be improved or “parallelized” with help from additional volunteers, please do get in touch. Formation and delegation are a good way of strengthening bonds between communities.

As for working together, we will be adopting a flat, decentralized organization model, to avoid burdening a few people with a role that would be left hanging should they move on to other things. So there is no reason to worry that joining us will commit you to a year of weekly efforts. If you come up with a good idea, we’ll help you realize it, and that is all! No one will pressure you.

So if you are interested in helping us, or in being featured, or in getting involved in any way, please do ring us and tell us your story!

Your news & community friends

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