A Message from the openSUSE Board

12. Apr 2021 | openSUSE Board | CC-BY-SA-3.0

A Message from the openSUSE Board

(This message was originally published on the mailing list on April 2, 2021)

We, the members of the openSUSE Board, strongly value the openSUSE Code of Conduct and Guiding Principles:

Inclusion is a fundamental pillar of our community and the broader free software and open source communities that we are part of, are connected with, and value.

We firmly stand against sexism, racism,… and strive to keep our communities open, welcoming, and safe for everyone to join.

As a board, we also believe that these principles that apply to our openSUSE communities shall also apply to the events and groups that we partner with and sponsor.

We are reassessing our sponsorships in that light.

In accordance with this statement, we are discontinuing sponsorship of all events and organizations affiliated with the Free Software Foundation until further notice.

Axel, Gerald, Gertjan, Neal, Simon, Syds, Vinz

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