Tumbleweed Gamers Get Updates of Mesa, Pentobi

23. Apr 2021 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Tumbleweed Gamers Get Updates of Mesa, Pentobi

Gamers using openSUSE Tumbleweed have at least two package updates in the rolling release that enhanced performance on their system and offer new features.

Both the 3D Graphics Library Mesa and computer opponent package Pentobi each landed in a separate snapshot. There have been four Tumbleweed snapshots released so far this week.

Snapshot 20210420 brought in nearly a dozen package updates, which included an update of GNU Compiler Collection 10.3.0. The updated GCC disabled the Parallel Thread Execution, nvptx, offloading for AArch64 and ffmpeg-4 4.4 improved AV1 support and it monochrome encoding. A couple YaST packages were updated. More specifically, the update of yast2-installation to 4.4.4 removed some system directory conflicts and made some changes to the spec-cleaner. Other packages to update in the snapshot were CPU balancer irqbalance 1.8.0, kdenetwork-filesharing 20.12.3 and rpm

The 21.0.2 version of Mesa and Mesa-drivers arrived in snapshot 20210418. There were several optimizations and additions on the Radeon Vulkan (RADV) driver front where sparse memory support is in place. The update also moved osmesa build to Mesa-drivers since swrast driver has been removed from Mesa. Fast streaming XML parser expat 2.3.0 had a bug fix that no longer triggers an undefined behavior. The 1.10.6 graphene package, which is a thin layer of graphic data types enabled Streaming SIMD Extensions 2 on x86_64. Serval translations were made with the update of iso-codes 4.6.0. Google’s regular expression library re2 had two months worth of updates and one of those makes it easier to swap in a scalable reader-writer lock. The Linux Kernel updated from 5.11.12 to 5.11.15 and there were several KVM for x86_64. Other packages to update in the snapshot were libxcrypt 4.4.19, librsvg 2.50.4 and pipewire 0.3.25.

Board game players received a major version update of Pentobi in snapshot 20210417. The new pentobi 19.0 version displays the manual with an external browser, which removes the dependency on the Qt WebView library. The Qt SVG library is no longer needed and loading game files in encodings other than UTF-8 is no longer supported. The only other package in the snapshot was rubygem-tmuxinator 2.0.3, which had a minor update to add support for terminal multiplexer tmux 3.2.

The snapshot starting off the week, 20210415, updated Mozilla Thunderbird 78.9.1, which addressed a Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures that created an inability to send encrypted OpenPGP emails after importing a crafted OpenPGP key. PDF renderer poppler 21.04.0 fixed word ordering and a crash in files with malformed signatures. Web development package perl-Mojolicious 9.17 deprecated some format parameters and mail server package postfix 3.5.10 made a security fix that was introduced in a previous version, which had some internal Input and Output errors during the smtp(8) to tlsproxy(8) handshake.

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