Mesa, Nodejs, Zstd Update in Tumbleweed

27. May 2021 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Mesa, Nodejs, Zstd Update in Tumbleweed

Four openSUSE Tumbleweed snapshots were released again so far this week.

The snapshots updated Mozilla Thunderbird, Mesa, Node.js, PipeWire and compression package Zstd along with several other packages.

Snapshot 20210524 updated the audio and video package pipewire 0.3.28, which added a new powerful filter-chain module that can be used to created all kinds of filter-chains from Linux Audio Developer’s Simple Plugin API; many more PulseAudio modules were implemented. Node.js 16.2.0 added module support for URL to import.meta.resolve. The text and layout rendering package pango updated to version 1.48.5 and can speed up Emoji classification. The pango update also fixed some hangs and a memory leak. The 21.1.1 Mesa update in the snapshot provided mostly AMD and Intel changes, but had a decent amount of arm fixes. Other packages to update in the snapshot were libstorage-ng 4.4.9 and webkit2gtk3 2.32.1.

Just two packages were updated in snapshot 20210522. The card gaming package black-hole-solver updated to version 1.10.1 and added a flag for the maximum amount of cards. Packet processing package dpdk 19.11.8 fixed a few Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures and added multiple virtual host patches in its update from version 19.11.4.

Zstd 1.5.0 improved the middle-level compression speed and the high-level compression ration in snapshot 20210521. Also known as Zstandard, the compression package also added a patch to fix crashes running armv6 userspace on armv8 64-bit kernels. The compression splitter package zchunk updated to version 1.1.14, which fixed support for the new version of Zstd and updated the testsuite for it. Bluetooth configuration tool blueberry 1.4.2 updated translations. There were a few other packages updated in the snapshot and one revision; rubygem-marcel reverted from version 1.0.1 to 0.3.3, which was done to correct and fix the rails 6.0 installation.

The 20210520 snapshot started the week and had the greatest amount of packages updates. Mozilla Thunderbird added support for importing OpenPGP keys without a primary secret key and fixed a CVE that stored OpenPGP secret keys without master password protection. Cross-platform decoder dav1d 0.9.0 added a new Application Programming Interface to signal events happening during the decoding process. The 5.12.4 Linux Kernel updated in the snapshot and had a change for bluetooth that eliminate potential race conditions when removing the Host Controller Interface layer. The guile programming language updated to version 3.0.7 and optimized run-time relocations; it also has a new library search path variable - GUILE_EXTENSIONS_PATH. There were a couple major version updates in the snapshot; the library for managing windows and workspaces added an API to disable scrolling in the libwnck 40.0 major version update. The 35.0 major version update of rdma-core fixed some dracut path issues for Tumbleweed’s boot process. Other packages to update in the snapshot were poppler 21.05.0, hwinfo 21.74, gnome-shell-extensions 40.1 and sssd 2.5.0.

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