Tumbleweed Updates Kismet, PulseAudio, Python

25. Aug 2021 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Tumbleweed Updates Kismet, PulseAudio, Python

Snapshot releases of openSUSE Tumbleweed began to flow this week for the rolling release.

Moving past last week’s build failures and the obstacles with the ISO media size being excessively large, three snapshots were released this week.

The latest 20210824 snapshot updated Mozilla Thunderbird from version 78.13.0 to version 91.0.1, which is the next Extended Support Release codebase. The new email client offers many new features like keyboard shortcuts to access To/CC/BCC fields and a PDF JavaScript viewer is now included in Thunderbird. Two major version updates were in the snapshot; an update to nftables 1.0.0 now recognizes the command-line option --define. GTK based volume control tool pavucontrol 5.0 has support for switching Bluetooth codecs that comes new in PulseAudio 15.0, which was released in the 20210823 snapshot 24-hours earlier. GNU Compiler Collection was updated to version 11.2 and fixed the One-time Passwords In Everything package with glibc 2.34. A few GNOME and RubyGems packages were updated in the snapshot. Command-line utility grep updated to version 3.7, which skipped the stack overflow tests in the qemu build. The runtime nodejs16 16.6.2 update fixed the improper handling of untypical characters in domain names and fixed three Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures.

The network-detector, packet-sniffer, and intrusion-detection package Kismet updated to its latest 2021.08 version in snapshot 20210823; the packages made some small improvements and has a new Wireless Intrusion Detection System alert. PulseAudio 15.0 dropped several BlueTooth patches and improved hardware support. PDF rendering package poppler 21.08.0 added an Application Programming Interfaces to allow the addition and modification of outlines into a PDF. An updated 1.9.7 version of sudo enabled OpenSSL support for a secure central session recording collection. And yast2-bootloader 4.4.6 replaced mkinitrd with dracut.

The 20210820 snapshot updated the Linux Kernel to version 5.13.12, which had several network device support fixes. The update of Mozilla Firefox 91.0.1 fixed an issue that caused tabs from private windows to be visible in non-private windows and it had several CVE fixes in the updated browser version. The update of python38 3.8.11 addressed some security issues and fixed a regression introduced in the previous version. Updated graphics package Mesa 21.2.0 enabled the Gallium3D OpenGL driver in case there is an issue with some video hardware acceleration. Other packages to update in the snapshot were document reader okular 21.08.0, libstorage-ng 4.4.35, diffutils 3.8 and several YaST packages.

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