Conference Adds Business Focused Networking Event

12. Jan 2024 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Conference Adds Business Focused Networking Event

The openSUSE Project is excited to announce the Open 4 Business networking event, a collaborative initiative launched by the DORS/CLUC organization, scheduled for June 26 from 2 to 6 p.m. at the Franken Campus in Nuremberg, Germany.

This event, which will be held in conjunction with openSUSE Conference 2024 (oSC24), is dedicated to fostering connections in the open-source business community.

The event seeks to help establish a business landscape to help align small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who hold similar values in open-source ethics and technology. The Open 4 Business event aims to serve as a bridge to connect open-source enthusiasts. This event will help people from the business world engage and collaborate effectively.

The key objectives Open 4 Business aims to achieve are:

  • Emphasize that the business world shares bonds with open-source communities
  • Provide a platform for making sustainable and open business happen
  • Promote business collaboration with open source projects
  • Promote networking and partnerships amongst SMEs, freelancers and corporations

This event is an opportunity for anyone eager to expand their business network, discover new projects and engage with fellow experts. The project invites you to participate in the Open 4 Business event.

The openSUSE Project would like to extend our gratitude to the DORS/CLUC organization for their role in launching the #open4business networking event and aim to help extend this business networking event to other community-driven open-source technology conferences.

To participate, email with the subject “open4business” or submit a proposal under the 4-hour Open 4 Business selection. Talks for the Open 4 Business event will take place within a 4-hour window on June 26 with each talk lasting no more than 15 minutes per presenter. Please note that talks for this event will be under the business networking track and is distinct from the conference’s technical tracks taking place from June 27 - 29. The event will take place at Katzwanger Str. 130, which is on the bottom floor next to SUSE’s offices in Nuremberg.

Submitting a proposal for the oSC24 is open until April 15. The conference will take place at the Z-Bau, which is down the street from SUSE’s offices in Nuremberg.

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