Call for Hosts Begins for openSUSE Conference

23. Jan 2024 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Call for Hosts Begins for openSUSE Conference

The openSUSE Project is asking interested people to submit a call for hosts for the openSUSE Conference 2025.

This event is a cornerstone of the openSUSE community and aims to bring together a diverse group of users, developers and enthusiasts to share, learn and collaborate. The aim is not only to strengthen the existing community but also to welcome new members into the fold.

Having the conference in different locations allows the project to be more accessible to people and can help with increasing awareness about the openSUSE Project and open source. While the project is unable to commit to a host being selected based on the project’s available funds, participants in the community encourage people/groups to provide a submission. This will let members of the community discover areas where the project can have a conference if funding allows it.

What We Are Looking For

Hosting the openSUSE Conference is an opportunity to showcase your community and city. The project seeks passionate teams who can address the following key criteria in their submissions:

  • New Attendees: Strategies to attract and engage new participants.
  • Accessibility: Ensuring the venue and events are accessible to all.
  • Community Involvement: Hosts must attend community meetings and provide regular updates if selected.
  • Cost Efficiency: Detailed budget plan showing the total cost to run the event.
  • Community Growth Goal: A plan to make the conference as successful as previous ones in gaining new members.
  • Engaging Educational Institutions: Technical universities and educational bodies willing to host an openSUSE Conference is an ideal demographic for a submission.
  • Bidding Process: Similar to the Debian Conference Bidding Process proposals will be submitted via openSUSE Wiki pages. There is a potential that it can be followed by a community voting process.
  • Submission Period: Please refer to the openSUSE Conference wiki for detailed timeline and submission deadline.
  • Season Flexibility: The event can be planned for any season, allowing flexibility for the hosts.

How to Submit Your Proposal

  • Prepare Your Proposal: Detailing how you’ll address the above criteria.
  • Submit on openSUSE Wiki: Create a dedicated page for your bid on the openSUSE Wiki and use the template provided at to assist with developing the proposal.
  • Community Voting: The final selection will involve a voting process by the openSUSE community.

Why Host the openSUSE Conference?

Hosting the openSUSE Conference can spotlight your local community. It’s an opportunity to contribute to the growth of the project.

More Information and Submission Guidelines

Visit the conference checklist for more information on guidelines to help host an openSUSE Conference.

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