openSUSE Asia Summit Set for Tokyo

6. May 2024 | openSUSE Asia Summit Japanese Team | CC-BY-SA-3.0

openSUSE Asia Summit Set for Tokyo

openSUSE.Asia Summit will come back to Tokyo, Japan

The openSUSE Project is exciting to announce that openSUSE.Asia Summit 2024 is going to be held in Tokyo, Japan. The openSUSE.Asia Summit is an annual conference for users and contributors of openSUSE and FLOSS enthusiasts. During this summit, they will gather in person to share knowledge and experiences about openSUSE including applications running on it.

The venue of the summit will be located in Tokyo, the capital of Japan, blending tradition and cutting-edge technology. Its infrastructure and global connectivity make it a primal location for promoting collaboration among openSUSE users and developers. Moreover, Tokyo is a center of information technology; Many technology companies have their offices in Tokyo, with numerous engineers residing in the surrounding areas.

Tokyo is also a popular place for sightseeing with its unique culture, food, etc. Especially, characters from video games, anime, and comics, which are now common in the world, attract tourists to Japan. In Tokyo, you can easily find character shops and get items related to works you love.

The number of tourists from abroad has recovered last year to the same level as before COVID-19. Due to the currency exchange rate, it will be a great chance to enjoy your trip to Japan while saving your money. Even though you may have attended the last summit in Tokyo, you will discover new facets, developed before the TOKYO 2020 Summer Olympics.

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The expected summit date is Nov. 2 and 3 soon after Open Source Summit Japan. Our call for speakers is going to end around the end of July. For more details including the venue, please stay tuned until the next announcement in a couple of weeks.

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