Planned outage of Weblate on May 14th

9. May 2024 | Padraig Dillon | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Planned outage of Weblate on May 14th

The openSUSE will undergo a critical update with the migration of Weblate to a hosted solution.

Shifting to a hosted solution for the web-based localization tool in order to keep up with the increasing demands of projects’ development.

The migration is slated for May 14 and it is anticipated that the service will be down for approximately one day.

This is a planned short-term inconvenience for a long-term benefit and will allow for our translation contributors to pick up right where they left off.

People wanting to contribute to the openSUSE Project by helping to translate using Weblate can register on and connect with other translators through and mailing lists.

Any attempt to connect to Weblate during the migration will trigger a notification informing the user of the ongoing maintenance. Others will be informed of the outage through

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