New Episode Launches in Workshop Series

23. May 2024 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

New Episode Launches in Workshop Series

The openSUSE Project continues its Contribution Workshop series today with a new episode at 19:15 UTC on the project’s YouTube & X channels.

The new episode will take viewers on an insightful journey into the world of testing and breaking builds. The session focuses on the automation of repetitive tasks and will demonstrate how to leverage tools and techniques to automate build testing.

Episode 8: Testing and Breaking Builds - Offloading Repetitive Tasks to Computers, While You Have Fun Exploring

  • Date: May 23
  • Time: 19:15 UTC
  • Where: openSUSE official YouTube & X channels

In the upcoming Episode 8, openQA engineer Santiago Zarate will do a live talk and explain how open-source contributors can maintain high standards of testing quality while reducing the manual workload.

These workshops offer a platform for learning and for contributors to ask questions and engage directly with developers, maintainers and experienced members of the openSUSE community.

The espisdoes for the Contribution Workshop go over a variety of topics including package maintenance, infrastructure, or understanding the overall project landscape. These following episodes are tailored to provide an overview and practical advice for open-source software developments and contributions.

The following episodes were already released:

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